Grey. The in between.

There is Black there is White.
There is Good there is Bad.
There is Dark there is Light.
Where the in between?

Will she turn good?
If she turn's bad will she turn's bad, will she stay?
What if she's the mix.
What if she's that lost in between.
What if she's a grey.


2. An arrow. Skull. Heart. I have been claimed.

"Just Jump."

"I'm now falling."


I can't sleep. I going to turn light. I have to. Then it hit's me. I'm sixteen. Yay! Harry is still awake. Casting spell's making the room clean it's self. He can now. The boy's know. I walk up to him. "You need to go to sleep." I whisper. He shook his head. "Harry I know you're scared. But you're draining your self." He shook his head. That's were it all changed. "Harry you go to sleep now. Or I'll make you!" I yelled. Thing's start flying around the room. The boy's run down the stair's and stop seeing that I'm about to set everything a light. "Alice, y-y-you're turning dark. P-p-please s-stop it." Dark. I stop it. Everything goes back to normally. But I'm Dark. Not Light. I'm on the bad side. No. No. NO! This can't happen. But it has. It take's me hour's to calm down. This is who I'm met to be. I told my self over and over. It's up to me now. I mean I did come here for an change. Didn't I? It's five in the morning. Everyone but me is awake. I get an pen. And draw. Mark's. An Heart on Niall. Love. An arrow on Harry. An way to kill. An skull on Zayn. Death. On Liam. I wrote, I have been claimed. On Louis is the biggest writing. DARK. I put the pen away. I smile. Then stop. I sit down. "AHHHHH!" Louis screams. Everyone wake's up, looking in the mirror.

"Alice." Harry say's getting close to me. I don't smile. Well try not to. "What have you done?" I can't help it. I burst out laughing. "Alice. Are you dark?" He asked. I stand up and put the boy's in order. In front of the mirror. Harry turn's around. "So your dark." I smile. "Alice go and get dressed." I go up to my room. Flinging the wardrobe open. I gasp. Everything so small. So black. So, so, so WOW. I get the black belly top and the tight black pant's the heel's with stud's. I look in the mirror. Perfect! "Alice get your butt down here!" Harry yelled. I walked down stairs. All the boy's were in an Circe. "Hiya!" I waved, smiling. "I'm going out see ya." With that I was running throught the streets up till I got to the pub. The beat fill my ears. Ordering a double shoot. I started dancing. I had danced with about 20 different Men until.  Zayn came up to me. "Hey Zayn." I whispered in his ear. I had totally soberedd up. "Y y yeah?"

"You look." I ran my hand up and down his chest. "So sexy." I placed a kiss at the side of his lips. "Lets get you drunk."

"N no thanks, I'll stay sober." He told him self. I giggled.

"Boring. Hey. Now I know why Sober and Bored sound so alike." I giggled. Uptil I heard a scream. Running to it. A man had a gun to the girls head. "Were gonna live while were young!" I Scream/Sung.

"Who are you?" The man said walking over to me.

"Thats for me to know and for you to dot dot die!" I grabbed his gun and shoot him in the arm.


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