Jessica's always been bestfriend with Niall James Horan,
however on the day of the UK X Factor finals she realises she may
begin to have feelings for his irresistible Irish charm and good


7. "Zayn, Liam/Spencer, Lina I Like Jessica/Niall..."

*Nialls POV*

Its been a week since i last saw Jessica and i hated it. She's gone away for some camping retreat with her school for two weeks, i've mainly been hanging out with the lads so its been fun but its still not the same. I sighed as i sat up on my bed throwing a basketball up in the air. 

*bzzz bzzz* the sound of my phone vibrating on the table as i got a text, as i focused on the text i didnt see the ball descending hurling towards my head until it was too late as i finally looked up... THUMP.. "gaah ouuuuuuuch" i groaned in pain as i gently cupped my eye getting up to check my phone. Its from Zayn.


ZAYN: heyyy Niall, me and Liam we're gonna chill at his place and wanted to know if you wanted to join us?

ME: ehh sure bro, wheres the others gonna be?

ZAYN: Hazzas gone out with his sister and Louis with his girl.

ME: alright i'll be there in a bit.

ZAYN: kk :) 

30 minutes had passed and i'd had a shower got ready and was on my way over Liams place but all i could think of was how much i missed Jess and how i wished i kissed her lips rather than her cheek last week. she left for camp two days ago but instead of embracing time with her i was just being an idiot being all upset over how im not right for her. As i reached the door to Liams house i hesitated a bit then pasted a fake smile on my face and my ray bans on my eyes covering my newly black eye from when the ball hit me earlier, before ringing the bell.


*Jessica's POV*

i've only been at camp for two days and it has been amazing! i mean of course i miss everyone back at home but its good to get away from everything i guess. the thought of Niall came into my mind just then, gah.. as much as i wanna believe that everythings all good i just still really miss him. Everything about him. 

"JESSICA COME ON!! LETS GO SWIMMING IN THE LAKE!" Spencer yelled at me as she excitedly ran over to the lake. i looked up from my thoughts and glanced at Lina, gosh i don't understand how shes still sleeping after all that  yelling. I chuckled to myself a little. 

I sat up and rubbed my eyes only to be screamed at by Spencer again. I looked up at the tall, thin, pale skinned, brunette haired girl standing at the doorway one hand on her hip as shes yelling at me to come join her and everyone else at the lake, just before i tried begging her to let me lay in a swift gush of wind swept past my face as a pillow was thrown directly at Spencer followed Lina yelling at her "SPENCER GO AWAY ITS NOT EVEN 10 O'CLOCK YET AHHH". I simply laughed thene slowly got up, stretching a bit.


It was getting late now and myself and the boys had finally had enough pf playing fifa on the xbox. Liam was sat on the couch sulky as he lost every single match aha! I was happy. Finally genuinely happy. I looked up at Zayn and Liam.


After a long exhausting day at the camp me, Lina and Spenc were sat at the campfire talking, gossiping, catching up.


As i was looking at the boys i realised i really need there advice about what to do about Jess.. Its time to tell.

"Hey.. Zayn, Liam..."


After hearing Lina and Spenc talking about guys they're crushing on, whether its a gorgeous shy boy at the bus stop or a sexy mystery guy at the skate park, the attention turned to me. it was my turn tell.

"Spencer.. Lina.."


Niall: "I like Jessica...."

Jessica: "I like Niall...."

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