Jessica's always been bestfriend with Niall James Horan,
however on the day of the UK X Factor finals she realises she may
begin to have feelings for his irresistible Irish charm and good


9. "To Infinity..." "...And Beyond..."

*Spencers POV*


"Lina!! I still can't believe that Jessica has a crush on Niall!!" I excited screamed at Lina. 

"I know me neither, but it still doesn't really surprise me that much. I mean she's always either with him or talking about him aha!" Lina chuckled to herself. 

"Yeah buuuut it still shocked ME! I don't know why though, I mean like we all knew that should and could end up being together! There's just something about Niall James Horan and Jessica Amelia Scott, they are meant to be together! They would make they perfect couple... I mean... It could happen... Just saying" I squealed in excitement whilst looking ahead at Lina. 

"That's true but calm down, I mean we still don't even know if Niall likes Jess back" Lina shrugged whilst looking back at me. 

We were all at Jessica's hous today. Nothing abnormal but today was the day that we were finally gonna be introduced to the rest of the band. My first impression of One Direction is that they all seem really down to earth, there's Niall James Horan- he doesn't need my description not opinion he's one of my closest guy friends (: then there's Harry Edward Styles - hmm to everyone else he's the "womaniser" or the "ladies man" but I think there's more to him than that he seems a little insecure, not like the guy you read about in all the tabloids, next Louis William Tomlinson - he's definitely the joker of the group and he's a bit of a diva, hmm what's the word... Sassy... Very sassy aha! Next is Zayn Jawaad Malik he seemed really shy, maybe he just doesn't like meeting new people? Hopefully he'll loosen up around us. And finally the one member of One Direction that REALLY caught my eye was Liam James Payne. He is so cute and he's such a gentleman! He's got such an adorable charm and he has the kindest big brown eyes I've ever laid my eyes on before. 

Just then the sound of Liam and Zayns voices threw me off guard making my snap back into reality. 

"Jessica likes Niall?!?!?!" The two boys whisper/yelled in sync looking at both myself and Lina. 

I look straight at Lina. 

*how long had they been standing there for?! Don't they know is rude to eavesdrop?! How did we not notice then being there?!* all these thoughts circled around in my mind until Liam repeated himself in a softly calmer tone. 

"Jessica... likes Niall?"

I looked at Liam then at Lina and we both burst out fake laughing "pfft!!?" "What no way!" We both said over exaggeratedly attempting to fool the boys. 

Suddenly Zayn bursts out laughing at our very pitiful attempt "it's okay! Chill! It's actually really cool cause well, Niall likes Jessica too..."

we all stared at each other taking in the news that Jessica likes Niall and Niall likes Jessica!! 

(To be continued....................... It's 12:30 am so I'll continue this tomorrow at a descent time xD)

-maya xxx

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