Jessica's always been bestfriend with Niall James Horan,
however on the day of the UK X Factor finals she realises she may
begin to have feelings for his irresistible Irish charm and good


10. "To Infinity..." "...And Beyond..." Part 2

*Spencers POV*

it was getting quite late now and the boys along with lina had all decided it was time to go home, however i was staying over at Jess' house. Lina and i quickly exchanged our numbers with the boys as we all hugged and said our goodbyes. Jess and i waited at the door frame watching the group disperse. Niall and Liam were walking home together, just before they got to the corner of the road they both turned around looked straight at us both in sync with the other, Niall smiled at Jessica and cheekily winked at her whilst waving goodbye one last time and Liam looked at me smiling sweetly at me whilst also waving goodbye as they both turned the corner.

A few hours later Jess and i were both sprawled out on her bed having a Toy Story marathon. Half way through the first movie i began to hear snoring as i looked over at Jess, there she was fast asleep. i shook my head a little and mumbled "typical" under my breath. Just then my phone started to ring. I brought it closer to my ear not paying any attention to the caller ID. As i answered the phone and pressed it against my ear, the deep yet soft and soothing voice spoke out.

???: "Hello? uhm is this spencer?"

i smiled to myself, my heart beating a thousand beats per second as i realised who the voice on the other side of the phone belong to. "Liam" i though to myself just as he had introduced himself.

Liam: "Its Liam.."

he sounded quite nervous.

Spence: "Hey Liam. Yeah this is she"

L: how are you? .. and jess? and sorry about leaving earlier i wanted to stay for longer but i had to leave" his mood seemed to have dropped whilst saying the last part.

S: "I'm great thank you, and as for Jess.. well shes asleep aha we were watching Toy Story and she just fell asleep and awe don't worry about it, they'll be another time"

L: "thats great and awe she did look quite tired earlier on today and no way! i love Toy Story! damn it i knew i should of stayed aha!"

S: "OMG! Mine too!!" i laughed as we both started getting really excited, he laughed too.

L: "To Infinity..." he started

S: "...And beyond" i giggled at his cheesiness whilst finishing his sentence.

he laughed, i could just imagine him sitting on his bed smiling proudly, then he got all quite and he started to sound nervous again.

L: "so uhm i called to see what you were doing tomorrow?"

S: "oh uhm, i dont think im doing anything" i said with a massive smile starting to grow across my face whilst twirling my hair.

L: "thats great so im gonna pick you up tomorrow at 9 at Jessica's house and take you out to breakfast, sound okay?" i smiled even more to myself as he said that sentence quite fast.

S: "that sounds perfect Liam."

L: "okay good, see you at 9, bye."


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