Jessica's always been bestfriend with Niall James Horan,
however on the day of the UK X Factor finals she realises she may
begin to have feelings for his irresistible Irish charm and good


4. "Stuck In The Moment..."

*Jessica's POV*

I eventually fell asleep in Niall's embrace, his body heat keeping me warm. His steady, hot breath warming my neck, sending tingles all down my spine. You see Niall has this way of making me feel so special... Even when I'm sleeping. You see... In this moment in time being wrapped up in Ni's arms, I truly felt special, wanted, loved. And the only thing I wanted was to be stuck in this moment with Niall forever...

*Niall's POV*

I woke up from my slumber, still holding onto Jess tight in arms, not letting go of her for a second. I slowly opened my eyes it was still night, i quickly glanced at my watch 2:30 AM!! I looked down at Jess holding onto me, I know we should head back inside and go to the hotel we booked when the boys and I left the X Factor house this morning. But well you see Jessica looked so peaceful right now. So happy. So... Beautiful. I can't disturb her. Ugh but what if it rains? We can't stay here. Okay.. Maybe 5 more minutes? Gah why can't time would just stop so I could be stuck in the moment with my bestfriend? My perfect caring loving beautiful bestfriend. See that's all I want. I liked back at Jess one last time before my tiredness took over as I fell back asleep bowing my head, my lips pressed against her neck, breathing in her beautiful scent... God does that sound creepy? Ahh well done Niall, you win the number one creep award!

*Jessica's POV*

i woke up with the biggest smile on my face. I had a dream about Niall. This is bad. Really bad. Right? I shouldn't be having dreams about my best friend!! Well I guess that parts allowed, but like I shouldn't be having dreams about me and Niall.. You know.. Doing stuff! I fluttered my eyes open. Gahh! That's so bright! I quickly grabbed Niall's Ray-Bans and puts them on sighing in relief. I looked up at Ni, he was still sleeping I smiled as he tightened his grip around my waist, I layed my head back on his chest back in the position I was in when I first woke up. My eyes suddenly widened, my upper lip uncontrollably bit my lower as Niall planted a soft kiss upon my neck and mumbled my neck in a sort of moan. I looked up at Niall still with wide eyes and I softly whispered "Niall?"... No response. I repeat myself whispering his name a little louder, still no response... He was still sleeping. I watched him as he let yet another moan slip out his parted lips. Suddenly I felt a bulge emerge from underneath me. Was Niall having a dream about me? .. A wet dream... 


Sorry it took a week to update this bleh. 

But enjoy(; 

-maya xxx

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