Jessica's always been bestfriend with Niall James Horan,
however on the day of the UK X Factor finals she realises she may
begin to have feelings for his irresistible Irish charm and good


3. "JessieBear..."

"Hey boys, where's Nialler?" I asked with a concerned tone in my voice. Without even looking up from hat they were all doing they all simultaneously pointed at the balcony door. "Cheers" I replied half heartily as I made my way over to the balcony. And their he was. On the other side of the glass. Sitting on the floor with his head buried in his knees. I sighed slowly opening the door. He didnt move a muscle. I say down next to him wrapping my arm around his deflated body. He slowly looked up at me showing my some form of gratitude in his eyes but he ended up getting completely distracted by something on his face. I stared getting really paranoid, wiping my face with my free hand. Then I felt something warm and wet. I looked at my hand, it was blood. I was bleeding.

 Suddenly I felt a sharp stinging sensation on my cheek just under my left eye as Niall had uses his thumb to get rid of the blood. I clenched my teeth and winced in pain before Niall placed a soft kiss on my forehead telling me it's alright. I smiled at him. 

"So what the heck happened to you then?" he questioned observing the cut on my cheek as his look or destraught slowly changed to concerned yet comforting at the same time. 

"I... I don't actually know. I guess it happened when I was trying to get through the crowd" I replied struggling my shoulders. Niall looked down at his feet "oh.. How is it out there?" His voice deep coarse and husky, his Irish accent coming through so strongly it does ten whenever he's angry or sad. 

"It's crazy! Your fans are going mental! They're all saying you guys should have won and that it's all a fix. They're right.. You should have won." I said not knowing where to look. I eventually looked up at Niall observing the colour change of his cheeks. He's blushing. Did I just make Ni blush? Hehe. A smile creeps up on my face. Completely taking over the whole of it. He quickly looks away embarrassed. I look down, staring at my hands twiddling my thumbs. He finally composed himself and looked at me,"It means a lot hearing you say that JessieBear" Niall says kissing my cheek. I look up at him blushing and giggling remembering the first time he ever called me that. It was in nursery (British kindergarten), and I lost my fave bear, Jessie. I know very original since my names Jessica, I was like three! Well Niall found it and came up to me and said 'I found your Jessie Bear, JessieBear'. 

I finally looked up at him as he put his arm around me, I sunk into his chest smiling, forgetting about everything. The results. The time. Everything. 


So is there finally hope for Nessie? Would you guys like Nessie? 

-maya xx 

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