Jessica's always been bestfriend with Niall James Horan,
however on the day of the UK X Factor finals she realises she may
begin to have feelings for his irresistible Irish charm and good


5. "I'm Nowhere Near Good Enough For Jessica..."

*Nialls POV*

i finally woke up at 8 am, Jess was already awake looking as gorgeous as ever. She had my black Ray-Bans on, damn she looks so much better in them than I ever have. We quickly snuck out the itv studios hiding from all the security guards and ran over to Gregg - my older brother's- car. We drove through the streets of London talking, laughing and singing along to all the songs on the radio as we drove Jess home. One we arrived at her house I got out the car and opened the door for her, I know I know I'm just a gentleman(; lmfao. 

I walked her to her door and smiles at her as we said our goodbyes. Then I pulled her close hugging her tight in my arms. I smiled more as her heavenly scent filled my nose - ding ding ding #1 creep award goes to me, Niall James Horan .. Yet again!- I pulled away and stared into her beautiful honey brown red, and that's where it hit me.. I DONT 'like' Jessica, I'm NOT 'crushing' on her whatsoever... I'm completely and utterly head over heels in love with her. I smiles and softly planted a kiss on her pink rosy cheek then turned around and headed back to the car and got in. 

As I put my seatbelt back on I looked at Gregg who was grinning like the Cheshire Cat in 'Alice In Wonderland'. 

"What?!" I asked a little frustrated. 

"Nialler and Jessica sitting in the tree K.I.S-" Gregg sang way out of tune. 

"Real mature Gregg. And plus we didn't kiss. And I don't even like Jess." I lied interrupting him. But I do like her. And I want the world the to know it. I just don't think she feels the same AT ALL. for Jessica I feel as though I'll always be her bet friend from Mullingar and not her boyfriend. I just don't wanna get rejected. Music is one of my loves and you see when I can't express myself with word I just do it through song. And well when we lost X factor it just proves I'm not even good enough when it comes to music either. How can I be good enough for Jess? She needs an amazing guy! Someone perfect. I'm not that guy. 

"Look Gregg. I'm just not good enough for her. I have crooked teeth, I can't even win at a singing competition. I eat too much. I say the wrong things. I can't even tell her how I really feel. I'm not confident enough. I hate my smile! I hate having to show the world my teeth. Gregg you know i always used to get picked all the time as a child do now I'm just really insecure co don't like smiling anymore. When I smile the world can see my biggest insecurity. I hate it and I know she does too. Bottom line is, I'm nowhere near good enough for Jessica and everyone know it!"

Gregg attempted to cheer me up but he knew it wouldn't work. The rest of the car journey was silent. I just say there. Emotionless. Staring out the window and Greggs eyes fixated on the road as he drove through the busy raining streets of London. 

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