We Could Be Amazing

Harry and Nic have been friends since kindergarten, but when Harry moves to another city and ends up joining a singing contest, everything changes. Will they be able to keep their friendship amidst all the fame that is now in Harry's life?


3. The X Factor

Harry's Point of View

"Hey, love!" I waved, as I entered Nic's house. 
"Hey! Come watch TV with me." She patted to an empty spot next to her. "What's on?" 
"The X Factor. Pretty cool!" She said, pointing to the screen, with boys about our age singing to different pop songs. 
"Oh, I would totally beat all of them in the competition. I am THE best singer there is. Right, love?" I said, smugging. 
"Actually, I was going to agree until I realized you sounded so full of yourself!" She said, giving my head a slight pat. 
"I was kidding. Although you have to admit, I could so join that, right?" I said jokingly.
"You know what? You actually should! And I'm being bloody serious about it!" She said, poking my side. I laughed at how she was taking all of this seriously when I was actually really just joking. "You're crazy, Nicky. I'm not going to join a singing contest." 

One week later, the X Factor was holding auditions at our local auditorium. "Love, are you sure about this?" I sighed. Nicky was there, cheering me on, "Don't be afraid. I know this is what you want! You'll get through, I promise." She said, giving me a kiss on the cheek. 

Nicolette's Point of View

Harry was up on stage, singing to 'Isn't She Lovely', and Anne, Gemma and I were backstage, smiling and gushing at how good he was. My heart was pounding at how the judges would react, but based on the feedback of the crowd, it would be good news. 
"Yes." Simon said. "YES!" Anne clapped, and so did Gemma. I covered my mouth and hugged Harry as he got off the stage.
"Congratulations!" I said, really happy for him.

On the car ride back home, I was thinking about what him being in the X Factor meant. That meant me, having the share Harry with the rest of the world. That meant him having to leave the city, too. "You alright?" He said, squeezing my hand. "I'm good. Real happy for you." I smiled. "Thanks, love. This is for the both of us, I promise." He said, kissing my hand. I sure hope so. 



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