We Could Be Amazing

Harry and Nic have been friends since kindergarten, but when Harry moves to another city and ends up joining a singing contest, everything changes. Will they be able to keep their friendship amidst all the fame that is now in Harry's life?


1. Kindergarten

Nicolette's Point of View

It was my first day in kindergarten, and I was having such a hard time letting go of my mom's hand.
"Carry on, love." She said, handing me my pink butterfly decorated lunch box. 
"I'm scared, mum! What if the kids don't like me and I won't have any friends?" I said, clinging on to her for dear life.
"Oh, hun. You will do perfectly well. Just be yourself! I packed you your favorite peanut butter sandwich. I put in two in case you want to share one with a new friend of yours. Come on now, run along. You'll be late." My mom said, kissing my forehead.
"Alright. See you later, mum." I waved, slowly walking towards my new school. 

Everyone seemed to have their own group of friends already. Our new teacher, Ms. Henley was already in front calling out for attendance. I was looking around for an empty seat, and I found one at the very front next to a small guy with curly hair and big glasses. 

"Is it okay if I sit here?" I asked.
"Sure." He said, barely glancing at me. 
Finally, the teacher called his name, and it turned out to be Harry Styles. 'That's a cute last name!' I thought to myself. Being a girl, I loved all these girly terms, and Styles was something I always heard from my older sisters in high school.
"Nicolette Hunter?" The teacher called out. I silently raised my hand and smiled.

Harry's Point of View

I glanced at the girl beside me and turned away. Is it possible to have a crush in kindergarten? Cause oh boy am I having one. 
The teacher called out her name; Nicolette Hunter. What an awesome last name! 'Maybe she likes adventures.' I thought to myself. 


That day, the teacher taught us about addition of numbers, and before I knew it, it was lunch time. All the kids were giving me weird looks, so I looked for an empty table. I found one near the trash can and just sat there, drinking my orange juice. Mum forgot to pack me lunch today, since I ate my sandwich during snack time. 
"Hello! Can I sit here?" I looked up, and it was Nicolette.
"I don't think you want to..." I said, looking down at my juice box. I heard a chair being pulled, and Nicolette was there sitting beside me. "I'm Nic. You must be Harry! I heard the teacher say it a while ago. Why wouldn't I wanna sit here?" She said, opening her lunch box.
"All the kids here think I'm weird." I mumbled.
"What? Oh, that's a shame! But it's okay, I'm weird too!" She smiled at me. "Really?"
"Yeah! We can be weird together!" Nicolette grinned, giving me a peanut butter sandwich.
"Here's to our friendship." I smiled.

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