One date,One Direction

Hannah is your typical 17 year old Directioner. One day her and her best friend,Audrey also a major Directioner,sign-up for a contest to spend a week with One Direction. 10 lucky girls get to spend a week with 1D. The boys will vote off a girl every weekend. The final winner,and 1 guest,will go on tour with them! The only problem is (not saying who!) someone from the band knows Hannah from when they were kids. He has,and still does,love her. This only brings back memories for Hannah. Does she feel the same way for him? Another someone ends up falling for her. Which direction will she go in?


9. The voting

~~Audrey's P.O.V.~~


It's Sunday night and someone is going home. I really want to. I just want to see Kayden. It's not fair that I have to be with a bunch of boys that hit on me. They know I'm taken,yet they still do it! Ugh! Stupid famous people. I'm disliking 1D the more I'm here. So instead of going through what they said,I'll just tell you who got voted off. Niki. She was sooo happy. Ugh. Just one more week till we find out who else goes home. Nacy called everyone for dinner. I got up from my previous spot on the floor next to my bed. I opened the door and walked out,down the stairs. I got some food and sat down across from Louis. We kinda stared at each other while eating. I felt him trying to play footsie with me. I kicked his leg as hard as I could without shoes. I could see him flinch. I smirked and stood up,walking into the kitchen. I rinsed my plate off and walked up the stairs. I left my door open and searched for my phone. I answered a few of Kayden's texts and sat down on my bed. It was later than normal sheduele,so I was pretty tired from the day. I turned the lights off,left the door open,and got under the covers. I could hear people going to bed. Hannah didn't even bother to say goodnight. I don't know what's gotten into her. Once the last door closed,everyone was in their rooms. I felt my phone buzz next to me. I groaned and grabbed it. I have a iPhone 4S anyway,I unlocked it and opened my messages.


From TommoTheSwagmasta: Come outside to the pool. We need to talk ;)


To TommoTheSwagmasta: Fine. Be right there.


I pulled myslef up and slipped on a light sweater and walked down the stairs. I was only in a tank top and pajama shorts. I quitely opened the sliding glass door and walked out. I made my way over to the pool. I saw Louis sitting on a bench by the garden. I made my way over to him and tapped his shoulder. Confession time,Louis is my favorite out of One Direction. He stood up and came next to me.

"Why do you hate me?"he caught me off gaurd.

"I-I don't hate you. I'm just tired of you hitting on me when you know I have a boyfriend."

"I didn't know that. I'm sorry I wasted my time. Just go back to sleep."he said coldly. He started walking away,I grabbed his wrist. Pulling him closer than I meant to. He looked a little mad and......hurt? I stared into his amazing eyes. I don't know why,but I rapped my arms around his neck and embraced him in a hug. His arms snaked around my lower back and squeezed me. We stayed that way for a few minutes. I pulled away and gave a weak smile.

"I'm sorry,I didn't want to sound rude like I did. Forgive me?"he said and made a pouty face.

"How can I say no to that adorable face?"I pinched his cheeks.

"Get off me,crazy woman!"he yelled in a deep voice. I covered his mouth with my hand to prevent him from waking everyone up.

"I'm bored. And now I can't sleep."I pulled my hand away.

"To the beach!"he said and ran off. What? That boy is crazy. I ran after him and soon my bare feet were in the warm sand. He started running for the shore line. I took in the cool sea breeze and started walking to where Louis was. He tried jumping waves. Only failing and getting splashed. I saw him take on a big one. He fell right in the water and started screaming. I sttarted laughing so hard. I was a long distance away from him.

"Epic failure!"I yelled as he got out of the water. He started running after me. I turned around and booked it. I was on the track team at school,but not running everyday slows me down. He caught up to me and tackled me to the ground. We both started laughing for no reason.

"Look! You're covered in sand."I said,pointing at Louis. He made a face and started shaking it off. I stopped laughing at him and stood up. He hooked arms with me and started skipping along the beach. I pulled my phone out and looked at the time.

"It's almost 2 in the morning. We should go back. I need sleep,boy!"I turned around and starte dragging him back to the house.

"Sleep over!"he yelled and ran ahead of me.

"Not with me."I said as we entered the house.

"But why?"he began whinning like a toddler. I rolled my eyes and walked up to my room. I pulled my covers over me and closed my eyes. Louis burst into my room with a bowl of popcorn and various boxes and bags of candy. He closed the door with his foot. and came over to the other side of my bed. He set the stuff down and switched my lamp on. He turned my telly on and went onto Netflix. He turned Mirror Mirror on and got under the covers. Alright. Looks like we're having a sleep over.




I wake up to what sounds like a lion being murdered. Oh,it's just Louis snoring. My hand was pressed up against his face. To prevent him from being to close,I guess. My other arm was dangling of the side of the bed. Louis and I's legs were tangled together. I was laying on my stomach,him on his back. One hand was on my arm,the other under the pillow. I pulled my hand away and figured out a way to become untangled. I sat up and started poking Louis's face.

"Get up. Get up. Get up. GET UP!"I ended up smacking his face many times with a pillow. He groaned before rolling over,onto me. His eyes fluttered open and he rubbed them.


"Why what? I'm lost."I said.

"Why wake me? You just love to torture me."

"Maybe that's true. But we have to awake right now. Breakfast."I said and pushed him off. I got out of bed and looked at the mess of popcorn and candies covering my floor and some of my blankets.

"You have to clean that up,by the way."I pointed to the mess as he stood up. We started walking to the stairs. I stopped and looked at them with disgust.

"What?"he asked.

"I don't wanna walk."I whinned.

"Too lazy to walk,are we?"he slightly nudged my arm.

I spread my arms out,"Carry me?" He chuckled before picking me up bridal style. I loosely gripped his neck and nuzzled my head in the crook of his neck. He carried me down the stairs and into the grand dinning room. He set me down in a chair,but I didn't want to let go. I became lonely as he went to go get breakfast. He came back with 2 plates of waffles. He sat down next to me and set my plate down in front of me. I climbed over onto his lap and snuggled into him,rapping my arms around his waist. I could feel him laugh as I clung to him. He started eating,with one hand. The other was around my waist. I could feel everyone,except Louis's,eyes on me. I don't care. I ate some of my waffle,but I wasn't very hungry. Lou finished his and rapped his other arm around me,leaning back in the chair. I closed my eyes and took in his scent. I don't know why I'm doing this. I guess I just really miss Kayden right now. Just as much as he's missing Eleanor. I open my eyes and tug his arms off me. I get up and walk into the bathroom. I could feel his eyes on me as I walked away. I locked the door and turned the shower on. I washed my hair,shaved my legs,and washed my face. I turned it off and grabbed a towel,drying off. I rapped it around me,another rapped up in my hair. I quikly walked up to my room. I opened the door and screamed. Louis was cleaning up the mess he made.

"Sorry,love. Just cleaning up like you told me to."he said. I nodded and waited for him to leave. I closed then locked the door. I walked over to my dresser. I put on my bra and underwear. I put on a hot pink muscle shirt,a muscle shirt is the kind where the arm openings are bigger than normal. I had on a black tank top under. I put some cut-off shorts on then knee high rainbow zebra print socks. I put my black converse on and grabbed my white snap back. I walked back to the bathroom and blowdried my hair. I put my snap back on backwards and was statsified with my final look. I walked out into the living room to see a group of people singing. Like an acapella group. Strange. I sat down on the arm of one of the couches. I soon realized they were singing 22 by Taylor Swift. I started humming along and tapping my hands to the beat.

"Sing with them."I felt someone's breath tickle my skin as they whispered this to me. I looked over at Louis and shook my head.

"No way. I sound like a wounded monkey on drugs or something."

"You can't be that bad."

"Oh trust me,I am."

"I won't believe it,till I hear it."

"Fine."I took a deep breath and walked over to the girls. One girl,known as Alanna,nodded for me to join in on the next verse.



It feels like one of those nights,

We ditch the whole scene.

It feels like one of those nights,

We won't be sleeping.

It feels like one of those nights,

You look like bad news,

I gotta have you,

I gotta have you.


I opened my eyes to see everyone in the house staring at me. Crap! I told them I was bad!

"I told you guys I'm not a singer. I suck!"I said and plopped down on the empty couch. I crossed my arms over my chest and pouted.

"You did great,babe."Louis says as he sits down next to me. I give a weak smile and slumped back in my seat. I felt my phone ringing in my pocket and I pull it out. Kayden. I hesitated to answer. I ran outside by the pool before answering.


"Audrey! What happened?! Are you ok?! I tried calling and texting and Facebook messaging. No answer! Why don't you want to talk to me?! I feel like a peice of me is missing without you here."

"Kayden,I'm fine. I've just been......busy."I thought about Louis saying that.

"Are you sure you're alright? You sound sad."

"Just missing you! I'm lonely without you."God,even that sounded fake.

"Who is he?"

"W-what? W-who are you talking about?"I started to panic.

"Who are you cheating on me with? Please don't lie to me,Audrey. I demand to know who the bastard is!"he raised his voice.

"He's not a bastrad! Don't say that about him!"Fuck! I just blew my cover. It's not like I'm cheating on him with Louis. I mean,he has a girlfriend for goodness sakes!

"I knew it. Why would you break me like this,Audrey? I told you I loved you! And now you go and sleep with some famous guy."he was crying. It breaks my heart to hear him so broken like this.

"I swear,Kayden. I would never cheat on you with ANY of them! I don't even like them! I can't stand to hear you cry. Please,stop?"I said as his sobs rang through the phone.

"No. Just forget we were ever together! Don't bother apologizing! When you come home,I won't be there to pick you up at the airport. Stay away from me!"the line went dead. I felt the tears prick at my eyes and I let out a scream. I dropped to my knees in the grass and put my head in my hands. I started crying and letting it all out. Damn it,Louis! This is all your fault! Why? Why did I have to come here and ruin my life? One Direction ruined my life! I mentally screamed. I wiped my eyes and stood up,shoving my phone in my pocket. I stormed inside,searching for Louis. I spotted him with Harry on the couch. I walked straight for him. I stood in front of him and he stopped whatever he was doing.

"Hey. Audrey,have you been crying?"his faced turned from happy to worried. I grabbed him by the colar of his shirt and up on his feet. I smashed my lips into his and he actually kissed back. I could tell people were taking pictures. I let go of his shirt and pulled away. I stepped back and realized what I had just done. It was out of anger,dissapointment,regret,and sadness. Before he could say anything,I ran up to my room. I slammed the door shut and slid my back down the wall on the opposite side of the room. I pulled my knees up to my chest and put my head down. I started crying again. I heard the door open and close. Someone sat next to me and put their arm around my shoulders.

"Audrey,why?"Louis's voice filled my ears. I pushed him off me and walked over to the bed,sitting down on the edge.

"I'm sorry,Louis. My boyfriend just broke up with my 'cause he thought I was cheating on him with you. I.....I guess I was just angry about the fact that Eleanor has you and I don't have anyone. I mean look at Hannah. She's lost so much,yet she's so open to love. Meanwhile,I've lost nothing and am so pushed away by the feeling. I just......I just don't know anymore."

"I'm sorry to hear that. But I can't just leave Eleanor for no reason."he spoke soft and quitely.

"I'm not saying I want you to."

"So there's nothing between us? At all? No feelings?"he asked and I nodded. He stood up and walked over to me. I looked him in the eyes. I had to fight the urge to kiss him again. He slowly leaned down and kissed my cheek,sending tingled down my spine. He pulled away and left the room. I fell back into my bed and groaned. Why do boys have to be so complicated? Why can't they just say what's on their mind instead of confusing the hell out of all us girls? I pushed myslef up and walked down stairs,into the living room. Murmers were being spread and many rumors. I sat down next to Hannah and gave her a questioning look.

"Check Facebook,Twitter,and Tumblr."she said before getting up and walking away. I pulled my phone out and went on Twitter first. I had so many mentions and a boatload of new followers. Not to mention all the hate I was getting. What the hell did I do? I went into my mentions. Many of them were about......a picture? I opened the first one I saw. There was a picture of me and Louis kissing. Shit! So many girls were saying things so nasty and rude,I'm not even gonna tell you. My phone beeped,making me jump. I opened my new mention.


@LouisTomlinson: Leave @The_Amazing_Aud ALONE!!! She did nothing to you!!! It was just a stupid dare. If you guys were real Directioners than you would stop hating on an innocent girl.


@The_Amazing_Aud: @LouisTomlinson: Thx Lou. You're the best! But I can handle the hate. I'm a big girl ya know. #ForeverAlone


@EleanorCalder: @LouisTomlinson: I don't care who she is! I don't EVER want to see or hear about you being with her EVER again! We need to sit down and have a serious talk! I'm very angry right now,don't push it!


@The_Amazing_Aud: @LouisTomlinson: @EleanorCalder: Look,just because we got dared to do a stupid kiss doesn't even mean we are 'together' or whatever you think. If you got a problem with me,freakin deal with it. I would never ship 'Elounor' anyway so you can kiss my ass!!! #FuckYouAll #StopTheHate #ForeverAlone


I logged off Twitter and went onto Facebook. The same crap. I logged off of that and Tumblr. Stupid people. I stood up and walked past Louis. He grabbed my wrist and I yanked it away. He raised his eyebrows at me. I just shook my head and walked away. People were saying stuff about me around the house. I flipped some of the girls I could hear off and walked up the stairs. I walked over to Hannah's door,they made us put nametags on our doors so we'd know who was who. Anyway,I went to go knock on her door. I then heard her moaning and saying Harry's name. I covered my mouth with both my hands to prevent screaming. I started spazing out and trying not to be too loud,unlike them. Holy fucking shit! Louis came up the stairs and looked at me confused. I motioned for him to come closer. He pressed his ear to the door and his eyes widened. We both started making gagging noises and ran into his room. We shut the door and burst into laughter. I was rolling on the ground,holding my stomach.

"Oh My God! They are sooo loud! Does anyone else know?"he asked as he calmed down.

"It's news to me."

"Let's go spy on them."I nodded and we slowly crept out of his room. We slowly made our way over to her door and it swung open. Hary stood in nothing in his boxers. His eyes widened and we both strated laughing.

"You guys are totally hooking up!"I said and pointed at him. He pulled us into the room and closed the door.

"Eww! No we don't wanna watch! We just came to make fun of you!"Louis said and covered my eyes with his hand.

"You guys can't tell ANYONE!"Hannah said in a hushed tone. We both nodded and Louis removed his hand from my face. We ran out of the room and down the stairs. Oh My God! Eww! Eww! EWW!!!! Louis grabbed my hand and pulled me into the kitchen. He grabbed both of us a cookie and walked into the living room. We sat down on the couch and Nacy walked in.

"Audrey,Louis. You two are going on a date. It's not till the rest of us have dinner. You two will be going out. Right now we are all going to the beach. Telle everyone for me? Thanks."she walked away.

"What?!"I yelled and stood up. Louis let go of my hand and we started telling everyone to get ready to go to the beach. Louis and I walked up stairs,into our rooms. I put my peace sign bikini on and some board shorts. I put on a purple Jack Wills hoodie on over that and slipped my flip flops on. I walked out and skipped down the stairs. Since when do they tell me I have to go on a date with the TAKEN Louis Tomlinson?

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