One date,One Direction

Hannah is your typical 17 year old Directioner. One day her and her best friend,Audrey also a major Directioner,sign-up for a contest to spend a week with One Direction. 10 lucky girls get to spend a week with 1D. The boys will vote off a girl every weekend. The final winner,and 1 guest,will go on tour with them! The only problem is (not saying who!) someone from the band knows Hannah from when they were kids. He has,and still does,love her. This only brings back memories for Hannah. Does she feel the same way for him? Another someone ends up falling for her. Which direction will she go in?


11. Stuck,for too long

A/N: Hey guys,so I wanted to post a pic of what Audrey and Hannah look like. So here they are,down there  *point arrow downwards*




~~Audrey's P.O.V.~~


I'm in a deep,dark hole. I have no idea what's going on. I can hear someone talking to me,yet I don't know who they are. I tried opening my eyes,nothing. I can't move any part of my body. I can't get out! I can feel someone holding my hand. I can feel A LOT of pain. But I can't wake up. Am I asleep? Am I dreaming? What's wrong with me? AM I DEAD?! No,you idiot! Of course you're not dead! Or am I? Stupid,stupid,stupid! Wait,who am I?


~~Louis's P.O.V.~~


It's been a week. Emma and Maria went home. Maria was voted off and Emma was sent home 'cause she had some epic freakout and tried burning the house down. I haven't left Audrey's side this whole time. I rarely eat. The only time I get up is to go to the bathroom. El won't even talk to me. This chair is very uncomfortable. And I'm an emotional wreck. I don't get any sleep and my bum hurts. I was just about to fall asleep when her doctor came in. I looked up at him and waited for what he had to say.

"Listen,Audrey is a very heathly girl but she's not getting the vitamins she needs. If she doesn't get those vitiamins to keep her body balanced,she could end up starving. We've tried everything to pull her out of the coma. But nothing seems to work. I know you've been talking to her and trying anything,but that doesn't seem to help. If she doesn't wake up soon......"he trailed off.

"What? What will happen to her?"

"She could end up starving and dying. I'm sorry,but if she doesn't wake up soon......there's nothing we can do."he got up from his stool and left. Tears pricked at my eyes as I stared at her lifeless body. I let the tears fall. I heard the door open and close a few minutes after. I looked at just Audrey's face.

"Hey,Lou. I brought you some coffee,if you want it."Hannah said softly to me. I looked up at her and she handed me the cup. I took a sip and focused back on Audrey. I then realized that El was in the room.

"Hey,El."my voice was quiet and weak. She glared at me and walked a little closer to me.

"Really? You're still here? You should be with me. I'm leaving tonight and you don't even care! I could tell you I'm pregnant right now and you wouldn't give a fuck! I could tell you I'm seeing someone else. Would you care? Nooo! What is your problem?!"she screamed at me.

"Just stop being so mean to everyone!"I shouted back. She seemed taken aback by my sudden words.

"You want to see me being mean?! I can get way worse and point out every little detail I hate about each of you in this room! I could go around telling everyone we're engaged and I'm pregnant,but I don't. I don't because I can't afford to loose you! Yet you don't love me! Ever since you met this slut you-"I cut her off before she could say anything else about Audrey.

"Leave."I looked down at the ground.

"What?"she stopped yelling.

"Leave,now. I can not deal with you right now."I didn't dare look back up at her.


"We're over,Eleanor. Just leave. I don't need you here. Go boss someone else around."I said and looked back at Audrey. She slammed the door on the way out. Everyone seemed shocked by what just happened. It's Eleanor's fault. I felt Audrey's hand move in mine and I gasped. Everyone else focused on her. Her head started moving and she started to kick. Her eyes shot open and she slowly sat up.

"Audrey!"we all yelled and hugged her. She covered her face with her hands as we pulled away.

"Audrey,it's me. Louis."I said as I took her hands in mine. Liam went and got her doctor. He came to the other side of her bed and waited to see if she said anything.

"Who are you? Why am I here? Who am I?"she asked. No. My heart shattered right then and there.




She doesn't remember anything.


She doesn't remember me.




The doctor went through all the steps we have to do to help Audrey gain back her memory. He said she might not get it back. She took a pretty hard hit. She has no idea who any of us are. Mostly Hannah. I watched her as she sat there,playing with her hands. She looked up and met my gaze. She seemed to study my face. Her doctor came back in,forcing her to look away.

"Audrey,there's a bathroom right over there. I'll send someone to go get you some clothes. Would you like some help?"He says while helping her out of bed.

She nodded her head softly. "Yes,please."her voice was quiet and weak.

"Louis?"Hannah stands up and points to me. Audrey gave a quiet sure.

"Ok."I say and walk over to her. She rapped her arm around my shoulders and one of my arms went around her waist. We slowly made our way to the bathroom.

"I'll go get some fresh clothes for you. Harry,come with me. Everyone else can come back with us."Hannah started pushing everyone out of the room. She mouthed 'You owe me' to me on her way out. I closed the bathroom door and Audrey grabbed onto the counter for support. She let go of me and we stood there awkwardly.

"Um,do you need help.......undressing?"I ask awkwardly. This could not get any weirder.

"Uhhh,yeah. Help me untie the hospital dress. Then close your eyes when I take off my other......stuff."she says,not daring to look at my face. I walked closer to her and helped get the dress thing off. She was wearing a strapless bra and boy-shorts undies. Nothing visible,I swear. I closed my eyes and turned around.

"Ugh,Louis. I can't unclip my freaking bra. Help me?"I could tell it was weird for her to ask for my help. I chuckled and turned around,my eyes open. I unclipped it and instantly closed my eyes. I heard her groan as she probably tries turning the shower on.

"Need help turning the shower on?"I ask.

"Yes."I cover my eyes and walk over to the shower. She covers herself with a towel and I turn it on.

"Do you want me to stay in here? Just in case you fall or something?"I say as I turn around. I hear the shower curtain close and I open my eyes,turning around.

"Sure. Can't be too risky."she says over the sound of the water. I crack the door open a bit so it's not so humid and steamy. Hannah dropped the clothes off and soon after,Audrey finished her shower. I hand her a towel and exit the room so she can get dressed.

"Damn it! Why are these shorts so freaking high up on my waist?!"I hear her yell. I laughed and opened the bathroom door. She was wearing red high waisted shorts with white belt,and a blue and white stripped half shirt. She put her white TOMS on and walked out. I handed her the makeup bag Hannah also gave me. She smiled and walked back into the bathroom,me following. She put on some eyeshadow to match the outfit and some black eyeliner with a wing. She put red lipstick on and put all the makeup away. She brushed out her hair and blowdried it. She used her curling iron to add small curls at the tips of her hair. She smiled and packed everything away.

"All done."she says and sits down on the bed.

"We can go back now. If you want?"I sat down next to her.

"Uh,to where? We're in Australlia and the last thing I remember is being in London and celebrating Christmas with my family. And with Hannah. Hannah! I need to see her,now!"she got up and started gathering up her stuff.

"Wait,do you remember?"I asked hopefully.

"Not everything. Not past Christmas but I remember my family and my life."she sounded so excited.


Excited that she remembered everything before she met me. She doesn't even want to bring back the memories we share together. None of the time we spent together matters anymore. At least not to her.

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