One date,One Direction

Hannah is your typical 17 year old Directioner. One day her and her best friend,Audrey also a major Directioner,sign-up for a contest to spend a week with One Direction. 10 lucky girls get to spend a week with 1D. The boys will vote off a girl every weekend. The final winner,and 1 guest,will go on tour with them! The only problem is (not saying who!) someone from the band knows Hannah from when they were kids. He has,and still does,love her. This only brings back memories for Hannah. Does she feel the same way for him? Another someone ends up falling for her. Which direction will she go in?


16. On My Own

--Audrey's P.O.V.--


I got off the bus,breathing deeply. I hitched my backpack higher on my shoulder and started walking towards the front doors. I shoved my stuff into my locker and headed down the hall. I was in the middle of texting Bri when I ran into someone. I looked up to see Matthew. I made this weird squeaky noise and threw my arms around him.


"I missed you." He said into my hair and hugged back. We stood like that for a few minutes before pulling away.


"My birthday is next week and you get to come!" I poked at his sides. He laughed and hugged me one more time before going his seprate way. I made it to my class and sat at my desk. The lesson started and I tuned out almost everything. After two classes we get a break to get a snack or catch up on homework. I went to my locker and switched books. I felt someone tap my shoulder so I turned around.


"I thought we both agreed that we were going to leave each other alone?" I said as I slammed my locker shut.


"I know but I miss you. You're all I think about all the time." Kayden is really pushing my buttons.


"Really? Or are you just using me to get to my sister? BTW she has a boyfriend,you jerk!" I yelled and stormed off down the hall. I really hope things are going better for Hannah than they are for me.


--Hannah's P.O.V--


I slowly got out of bed and slipped on my fuzzy robe and slippers. Harry was still snoring softly in my blankets. I went down stairs to see Zayn in the kitchen and some girls in the living room. I opened the fridge and grabbed the orange juice then got a cup. Once my glass was filled I put the orange juice back. I sat down at the table and Zayn sat across from me.


"Do you think she's gonna be mad at me forever?" I looked up at my best friend. He's my closest friend in the world,even before Audrey.


"No. She just thought that you guys were over,everyone did. Then right after she leaves you find out Harry got you pregnant. It's just one of those sappy love stories. She went through a rough break-up and then you're in love." Zayn said.


"I don't know about that." I whispered.


"What?" Zayn's head snapped up from his phone.


"I'm not really sure if I love Harry. I care a lot about him but I just don't know if I'm ready for that yet. I want him to be there for this baby and I want to have a family with him." I said honestly.


"You are in love,trust me. You wouldn't look at him the way you do if you didn't. I know what love is and your relationship with Harry is a great example." Zayn got up from the table and headed for the stairs. I finished my juice and put the glass in the sink. I went back up to my room to get dressed. Harry was awake on doing something on my phone. I closed the door and took off my pajamas. I walked over to my dresser and pulled out some white leggings with black crosses all over. I pulled those on and started searching for a shirt. I settled on a black crop top with a white triangle thing on the belly area. I slipped some black Supras on and and took my phone from Harry.


"Morning,Hazza." I left a kiss on his nose. He grabbed the sides of my face and pulled me towards him. We kissed for a few minutes before I pulled away.


"Good morning,beautiful. How'd you sleep?" He stretched and threw the blankets off.


"Perfect. I'm gonna finish getting ready." I said and went down to the bathroom. I put on a little bit of make up and curled my hair before going to the living room. I sat down on the sofa next to Brooke,who was busy drawing. I grabbed the remote and searched for the football game. Right when I finally find it Zoe stands in front of the telly.


"You little whore. Harry is mine so you better tell the truth and back off." She placed her hands on her hips.


"What are you talking about?" I asked her.


"You know damn well what I'm talking about. You aren't even pregnant with Harry. You just lied so he'd take you back,he doesn't really love you. He told me so. He said you mean nothing to him and he's just using you for your body. I don't know why,you look like shit. I bet he even told you your his world but-" She was cut short by my fist connecting with her jaw. I was now standing and she was laying on the floor. My eyes snapped to Harry,the tears slipping. He lied to me. I stepped over Zoe and made my way to the door. Harry's hand grasped my wrist. I turned to face him and the tears came even more.


"You lied to me! You fucking arse I hate you!" I screamed and slapped him as hard as I could. He let go of me and I ran out to the cars. I found one with keys in it and jumped in. I just started driving having no damn idea where I was going. I stopped at an abandoned building and got out. I had to kick down a few wood planks but I got in. From what I can see it looks like a old strip club. I turned on the flashlight on my phone so I could see better. A rat ran past my feet and I screamed. I decided to look around a little more. After a while of exploring I found out that it was a strip club and most of the insides were on fire. It looks like they stopped the fire before the outide totally melted. It was borded up and no one tried to rebuild. There was still a stage and a pole in the center of the main room. What seems to be the dressing rooms were destroyed. I sat down on the stage and unlocked my phone. I went to my notes to tell myself to come back with someone else. But instead I got a stomach turning surprise.


Dear beautiful,

You have no idea how much I love you. I thought you'd never take me back when I cheated on you. But I'm lucky you believe in second chances or else I'd be heartbroken. This baby means the world to me and it fixed our relationship. I can't wait to meet he or her,either way I'm happy. I am the luckiest guy in the world to be able to sleep next to you every night. I can't wait to raise a family with you,get married,and live happily ever after. Cliche,I know. But it's okay to be cliche because every single time we touch there's magical fireworks that take over my body. You can't get more cliche than that. I want you to know that you are my world and so is the baby. I love you.




This only made me cry more. Just more and more lies all the time. I guess my loud and uncontrolable sobs made someone come in here. I stopped crying and stood up,backing away from the entrance. A tall,dark figure came into the room. They started coming towards me and I started crying again. I decided that I was gonna pull a ninja move and run over the stage and back out into the warm air. I turned around to face Harry,he came looking for me.


"I didn't lie to you,I swear! I love you and I would never hurt you,Hannah. I really do want to raise this baby with you and I want to get married someday. Please just trust me." Harry started walking towards me.


"I just need to know one thing,did you sleep with Zoe when we were broken up?" I closed my eyes and waited for his answer.


"Yes. But only twice and it will never happen again." My eyes snapped open.


"Twice?!" I yelled then got back in the car. Harry got in the passenger's side even though I told him not to.


"I'm sorry! I thought you would never forgive me then you took that pregnancy test and I told her to leave me alone." Harry said.


"Let's just talk about this later,I don't want to speak to you at the moment. I just hope you know that I'm not driving to the house just yet. So if you want to go back you can walk." I started the car.


"That's fine." Harry buckled his seatbelt. Dammit. He's gonna come with me. I fastened my seatbelt and started driving. I parked the car at the beach and got out. Before running in the sand I took my shoes off and put them in the car. Then I just started running I ran and ran and ran until I reached the water. I went to the dry sand and sat down then pulled my knees up to my chest. I rested my head on my knees and closed my eyes. After a while of listening to the ocean I felt someone sit down next to me. I opened my eyes and turned my head to face Harry.


"Maybe I'm just not ready for this. I mean I'm only seventeen and I'm pregnant! I have braces and I scream when I see shirtless pictures of One Direction. I don't even talk to my mum anymore and my dad's a abbusive drunk. I ran away from home and I live with Audrey now. I don't even know what Audrey's parents are going to say when they find out. They aren't the type of people to throw me out but I'm just not sure. I mean you're talking about getting married and I haven't even graduated yet. This baby is going to born into a world where their mum has nothing. I had the worst childhood and I don't want that to happen to this sweet little baby. I think it's time for me to go home and talk to my parents."


"Hannah,I know this kinda hit ya a little harder than everyone else. But I really don't want you to go home. Please stay here with me?" Harry grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers.


"I'm sorry Harry but I want to go home. I love this warm weather and everything but I have things that I need to finish back in London. It was fun being here and metting you guys. Thank you for giving me a reason to grow up." I kissed his cheek and stood up. Harry stood up too and wrapped his arms around me.


"I still want to date you and be there for this baby. I understand that you want to finish school and everythingnbut I don't want to break up again. After this is whole thing is over we go back to London until the tour." Harry pulled away.


"That's exactly what I'm talking about. How are we supposed to be together and raising a baby when you're all over the world?" I asked as I dusted all the sand off.


"The tour is only Europe and Ireland. How about we cross that bridge when we get there?"


"Okay I'll still date you but you have to promise to keep your hands off of every girl in this house,mostly Zoe."


"I promise." Harry said then kissed me gently. It was sweet and it made me sad that we couldn't kiss each other every day after I leave. We pulled away and went back to the car. I put my shoes back on and started driving. We arrived back at the house and were yelled at by Nacy.


"NANCY,SHUT UP!!!!" I screamed as loud as I could. She stopped talking and looked at me with wide eyes. "I decided that I would like to go home so I need a ticket back to London as soon as possible. This has been a great experience but I have some things to work out with my parents." I smiled at her then went up to my room. I got my suitcases from under my bed and started putting my clothes away. I neatly put my shoes and such in my carry on. I ended up sitting on my bags just to close them. Once everything was packed away I sat on my bed as I stared at my hands and thought over everything that happened while I was here. There was a knock on my door and I looked up. Nancy opened the door with a small smile on her face.


"The next flight to London is at midnight. Will that work for you?" Nancy said in a hushed tone. I nodded and she left,very gently closing the door. I got up and walked over to the door I reached for the handle but it opened before I could. Zayn came in and closed the door behind him. I instantly wrapped my arms around his neck. I was really short so I had to stand on my tippy toes to hug him. He snaked his arms around my waist and lifted me up so I wasn't straining myself. He set me back on my feet and pulled away.


"I'm sorry I'm leaving so soon but I have things to think about and I need to contact my mum. Plus I need to go back to school and tell my parents about the baby. And I need to get a doctor for all this baby crap." I said and sat back down on my bed. Zayn sat next to me and threw his arm around my shoulders.


"I'm not mad at you,I understand you have things to do. Just promise me we'll talk every day and you'll send me pictures of your baby bump."


"I promise. What do you think things would be like if I never moved and you still told me you loved me that day?" I rested my head on Zayn's shoulder.


"I think that we would end up together at some point and that'd be my baby,not Harry's." Zayn said seriously. I lifted my head up to look at him. I had this sudden urge to kiss him. I wanted to kiss my best friend in the whole wide world. I have never wanted anything more in my entire life. My hands went around his neck and I slowly pulled his face towards mine. My eyes fluttered shut and our lips connected. It was the most magical thing that had ever happened to me! His lips were so soft and they tasted like mint. The sparks and cliche fireworks that went off were undeniable love. His hands grasped my hips and our lips moved in sync. It wasn't my first kiss but it was the most amazing kiss ever experienced. Zayn's tongue slipped into my mouth and I loved the feeling of it. My mind was cleared of everything and all I focused on was Zayn. Zayn who is dating Perrie. Zayn who is brothers with Harry. Harry who is my boyfriend. For a split second I wanted to pull away. But then I remembered that Harry had sex with Zoe,twice! All the regret washed away and I ended up on Zayn's lap while we made out. I pulled away for a second to lock the door then I went back to kissing him. In that moment I realized that I love Zayn Malik. Not just best friend love. Ever since that day I moved and he told me he loved me my heart belonged to him. It was all crystal clear now. Zayn has my heart and there is no way of getting it back. My love for Harry wasn't real? I have no idea how I didn't realize this before I made a huge mistake. This baby could be Zayn's and I could be with him. But instead I'm with Harry and he thinks I love him. How can I love him when I already gave all my love to someone else a long time ago? I pulled away and rested my forehead on his. His eyes were full of lust and love,and I loved it.


"Wow that was the most amazing thing ever." I said as my hands got tangled up in his hair.

"What about Harry? I have a girlfriend! But that was the best kiss I have ever had."


"Same here and I know that if Harry ever found out about us kissing it would crush him. I just couldn't help it though,I had to see what it was like. And I realized that when you told me you loved me that day I gave you my heart. I don't know how I can love Harry if all of my love already belongs to someone else." I said as I moved off of his lap.


"Well I can't just call it off with Perrie,I have a lot of feelings for her. And I thought you wanted to be with Harry?"


"I do,that's why I need my heart back!"


"How do I do that?" Zayn was really confused.


"You have to tell me that you don't love me." I turned to face him.


"I can't do that,I would be lieing. I'm pretty sure I'd have to be telling the truth and I wouldn't be. I'm sorry,Hannah." Zayn stood up.


"Well we need to find some kind of way to stop loving each other. I mean I love Harry a lot but he doesn't have all of my heart. I really do want to have a family with him and possibly get married to him." I said and stood up too.


"I can't do anything about it." Zayn said before leaving and slamming the door behind him. I opened my door and ran down stairs. I made my way to the back and out the little passageway that leads to a private beach. I sat down in the warm sand and stared at the ocean. When I looked up to see Harry he had and angry look on his face and I could instantly tell he had been crying.


"Harry,it's not what you think I love him. I'm sorry but I realized that he has my heart and I don't know how to get it back. I really do love you and I want to have a family with you. If I was already graduated and we were back home I would get married to you. It's not my fault,Zayn and I have a past and I can't change that. Please just believe me when I say I want to be with you and no one else." I was now standing in front of him.


"Why would you lie to me,Hannah? I thought you loved me but this whole time it was all fake." His voice cracked and tears started sliding down his cheeks.


"Harry,I never meant for this to happen. I didn't even know till now,I just need time alone. I swear I don't want to be with him,I love you. I would never hurt you on purpose. Besides Zayn said he wants to be with Perrie so I couldn't be with him anyway. Please beileve me?" I took slow steps towards him.


"It just hurts to know that you have feelings for him. I saw this coming but I was wishing you wouldn't kiss him or anything. I beileve you,Hannah. Just promise you won't leave me for him?" I hate seeing him cry.


"I promise I will never leave you for him. I love you,Harry." As soon as I said that he wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me into him. I hugged back and let him cry on me. We pulled away and I reached up on my tippy toes to kiss him. All my feelings for him flooded back and I felt really bad about leading Zayn on. I mean I love him but Harry means soooo much to me and I really do love him. We pulled away and I wiped all of his tears away. We went back inside and I dragged him to the music room. We messed around and played the piano,well I played the piano. Then we went to the living room and watched a movie together. We all had lunch then Harry wanted to cuddle in his room After we cuddled I threw up,not because of him,and went to my room. We all had an awkward dinner in the dinning room. The only reason it was akward was because I was between Harry and Zayn. And Brooke kept asking stupid questions. It wasn't her fault though,it was mine. Right now it's 11:00 and everyone else was forced to watch a movie in the living room. There was a knock on my door and I got up to open it. Harry stood there with a smile on his face.


"C'mon,I'm gonna take you some where. Oh and grab a jumper." He left a kiss on my forehead and went down stairs. I grabbed a white jumper with a big blue heart and ran down the stairs. I pulled the jumper over my head and went out to the back yard. Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me out to the private beach. We ran until he stopped and covered my eyes.


"Harry,where am I going?" He was guiding me to 'the special place' as he likes to call it.


"Okay now open your eyes!" I took the blindfold off and gasped.


"Harry it's amazing I love it soooo much. Why did you do all of this when I leave in an hour?" I turned around to face him. He had set up a blanket on the sand with little heart shaped pillows and candles.


"Well I love you and I though it would be romantic to lay under the stars before you leave." He smiled at him. I dragged him over to the blanket and layed down. My head was on his chest and his arm was around my waist. We layed there and talked about our future together. He asked me how I would want to get engaged. We talked about baby names and our house that we'll eventually get together. We talked aboout our dream wedding. And I can't even count how many times we kissed and said we loved each other. Nancy came out and told me it was time to go. Harry started cleaning up all the stuff and I went inside to grab my stuff. I hugged everyone and said bye. Then came the boys and I started tearing up. First was Niall and he grabbed me in a brotherly hug.


"Take care of yourself and my little neice or nephew." He said as he squeezed me. Next was Liam and he smiled sweetly at me. He hugged me gently and smiled at my tummy.


"You're gonna have the best uncles ever." I giggled at this. Louis pulled me over to him and got to eye level with my stomach.


"Have a safe trip,little one. You have the most gorgeous auntie in the world." I slapped Lou up side the head before hugging him. I walked over to Harry and threw my arms around his neck. We hugged a little longer than anyone else but I couldn't help it. He gave me a sweet and gentle kiss before I went out to the limo. The only reason I wasn't hugging Zayn was because he was going to the airport with me. We didn't talk the whole ride because I was crying and he was holding back tears. When it came to the time for me to get on the plane he started crying.


"Please don't cry,Zayn. We'll talk every single day until you guys come back to London. I promise to send you pictures every week." I started crying even more. I hated to see him cry more than anyone else. He nodded before hugging me tightly and started crying on me. We pulled away and he kissed my forehead.


"I love you,Hannah." Zayn whispered in my ear.


"I love you too,Zayn." I whispered back. I waved to him at the gate and borded the plane. I put my bags in the compartment and sat down. I hand one hand on my belly and one holding my phone. A girl around my age sat down next to me.


"Ello! My name's Alice." She held out her hand for me to shake. I shook her hand and smiled as best as I could.


"Hannah. Either you're a Brit or you're just really good actress."


"I wish I could act but I can never remember my lines. I'm from London and let me just say,I'm gonna miss this warm weather." This made me laugh because I needed something to lift my spirits and it was very true.


"I know right! I was here for the One Direction contest and I told the director lady I needed to go home." I looked down at my belly and smiled.


"Omigod! Are you pregnant?" Alice squealed.


"Yeah. Wait,are you pregnant too?" I sat up in my seat.


"Yes! Finally someone else who understands what I'm going through."


"How far along are you?" I asked as I shoved my phone into the pocket of my jumper.


"About a month,I just recently found out and my boyfriend dumped me. My parents live here in Sydney and they said they'd pay for me to have my own flat." Alice shrugged.


"Same here! Well the month part,I'm still together with my boyfriend but we won't get to see each other very munch."


"No way,you're dating Harry Styles! I promise I won't tell anyone that he got you pregnant. Do you have anywhere to stay?"


"I actually live with my best friend and her parents. I have no idea what they're gonna say when I tell them,though. I didn't even tell them I was coming home and my best friend is mad at me. So my life kinda sucks at the moment but I'll find some place to live if they do freak out."


"You can come stay with me anytime you need to. Like if you're missing Harry or you're just depressed you can come hang out with me. I don't care what time it is,I'll be there for you. I understand what you are going through more than anyone else." Alice smiled at me. I smiled back and we fastened our seatbelt things. Instead of getting any sleep,Alice and I stayed up for hours and talked. We talked about what happened in the One Direction house,baby stuff,and so much more. After a while I drifted off with some headphones and the Take Me Home album. When I woke up it was to Alice shaking me gently. I got up and yawned then stretched. I grabbed my bags and got off the plane,then went over to some chairs. I set my bags down and pulled my phone out of my pocket. I tried calling Audrey then mum but no one answered. I sat down on one of the plastic chairs and sighed. I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and I looked up into these beautiful brown eyes. This guy was maybe 22,tall,tan,and a super hottie.


"Are you okay? A pretty girl like you shouldn't be alone in a beautiful place like London." He smiled warmly at me. Not only was he a hottie,he was an American hottie.


"Sorry,but I have a boyfriend and I would never cheat on him." It kinda hurt to actually say it out loud.


"Hey I'm just looking for a friend. This is my first time outside of Florida and I'm already lost. I'm Nick,by the way." He said as he sat down next to me.


"My brother got back from Florida a little over a month ago." I gave him a small smile.


"I'm here visiting a friend,Jacob Gibson."


"Seriously? That's my brother! I'm Hannah Grayson,the adopted sister." I turned in my seat to face him.


"So you can help me get to his house?"


"Yeah. I was trying to call my mum but I'm sure Jacob is awake and waiting for you." I grabbed my bags and stood up. He did the same and we went outside. I was able to get a taxi and we shoved our bags into the trunk. We stayed silent the whole ride to the house. When I went to pay the cab driver,Nick grabbed my hand and payed for it. We got out and grabbed our bags then walked up to the front door. Nick smiled at me as we waited for some one to answer the door. At least I'm not completely on my own.

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