One date,One Direction

Hannah is your typical 17 year old Directioner. One day her and her best friend,Audrey also a major Directioner,sign-up for a contest to spend a week with One Direction. 10 lucky girls get to spend a week with 1D. The boys will vote off a girl every weekend. The final winner,and 1 guest,will go on tour with them! The only problem is (not saying who!) someone from the band knows Hannah from when they were kids. He has,and still does,love her. This only brings back memories for Hannah. Does she feel the same way for him? Another someone ends up falling for her. Which direction will she go in?


6. Old friends

~~Hannah's P.O.V.~~


"It's me. Remember?"he said and waved his and in front of my motionless face. I blinked a few times and studied his face.

"Zaynie Bad Boy?"I asked. His face brightened and he nodded rappidly. I squealed and jumped into his arms. He picked me up and spun me around. He set me down and I pulled away.

"I can't belive it's really you! You've grown so much."he said as he looked me up and down. I giggled and he smiled.

"I'm 17 of course I've grown."I said and laughed.

"You have no idea how much I've missed that laugh."he said and grabbed my hands. He pulled me outside to the back yard. We sat down on a bench near the pool. I shifted so I was facing him,he did the same.

He grabbed my hand again."So,tell what happened while I was gone."

"Well,I finally ran away from home. I have a new family. My new best friend,Audrey,and her family took me in and I'm much happier now. I LOVE One Direction. I'm a major Directioner,so is Audrey. I love my new family and all my friends."

"So you love me right?"

"I love you most of all."I said and poked his nose. He chuckled,which made me giggle. He smiled widely. I looked up and caught him staring at me. His free hand reached up and moved a strand of hair behind my ear. I smiled and looked down. He removed his hand from my face and we fell into silence. Not an awkward silence. A nice one.

"'s free time now. What do you want to do?"I asked and met his eyes. He shrugged.

"We could go watch a movie. Like old times."he suggested.

"Sure."I said and we stood up. We hooked arms and walked inside. We skipped up the stairs. Niall passed us at the top of the stairs.

"Use protection!"he called after us. I turned around and walked to him. I slapped him up side the head. I turned on my heel and walked with Zayn to my room. He closed the door and I kicked my shoes off. He did the same and we plopped down on my king sized bed. He put his arm around my shoulders and I grabbed the telly remote. I flipped through the channels. I pressed the Netflix button and logged into my account Audrey and I share. I clicked on The Hunger Games and set the remote down on my nightstand. I snuggled into Zayn's side. Yep. Just like old times.




"Dinner!"Nacy called from the bottom of the stairs. I was now in pajama shorts and fuzzy Hello Kitty slipper boots. Don't judge. I'm a girl. Deal with my awesomeness. I skipped down the stairs and sat down next to Audrey. She already piled my plate high with chicken strips,mash potatoes,and chips. (A/N just for you non Brits chips are fries. Crisps are chips) Instantly I dug into my food. I felt a presence of someone on the other side of me. I turned my head to see the curlied hair boy. My face was covered in potatoes.

"That's atracctive."Zayn said from across me. I wiped my face off and glared at him. He smiled and went back to eating. O scooped up a spoon full of patatoes and flung it at the vain Zayn. He gasped as it landed in his hair. I couldn't help but laugh at his face. it was PRICELESS!!!! He grabbed a hand full of chips and threw them at me. I shreiked and got up from my seat. I walked into the kitchen and searched for something messy. My eyes landed on a cherry pie. I smirked and grabbed it. I went through the living room where the rest of the girls were eating. I walked back into the massive dinning room. Louis was standing and talking to the rest of the people. I signaled for them to be quite,since Louis wasn't facing me. I slowly walked up behind him,the pie raised above my head. I got close enough and smashed the pie on top of his head. He let out a girly scream and faced me.

"What?"I smiled inoccently. He glared and turned back around and grabbed the pitcher of ice tea. My eyes widened as I slowly backed away. He smirked before dumping it over my head. I gasped as I was drenched in cold liquids. Next thing I know,everyone in the dinning room was throwing food at each other. Harry threw a plate full of pasta at me. Now I was covered from head to toe,in food and drinks.

"Harrold!"I screamed and ran over to him. He held the pate up as a sheild. I started grabbing random foods and drinks and pouring them on Harry. We were all a mess. Right before I as gonna throw something at Audrey,Nacy walked in.

"What is going on here?!"she yelled. We all stopped and put the contents of the dinner table down. She groaned and pointed to outside. We all stepped outside. Even Liam threw stuff.

"Use the hose to wash off. I hope you know that you will be punished tomorrow. I don't want to see a smudge of food in that dinning room after 10:30 sharp."she said madly and walked inside. I grabbed the hose and turned it on. All the boys took their shirts off. I sprayed them with the freezing cold water. Once they were drenched and cold,Audrey and I carefully rinsed each other off. We all dried off with the towels Nacy set out and started walking inside. I felt a pair of arms grab my waist. I was turned around to be faced with curls.

"Nice job,by the way."Harry said and smiled. I shoved his shoulder and walked inside. Not in a talking mood. We were all on our hands and knees,scrubbing. Finally the dinning room was spotless and sparkling. We sighed and dragged ourselves up to our rooms. I closed my door and changed my pajamas. I climbed under my covers and switched the lamp on my nightstand off. Instant sleep. I had just gotten warm and cozy and may I add ASLEEP when I heard a small knock on my door. I ignored it and rolled over on my side. It got louder and I groaned,sliding out of bed. I opened the door to see Harry in nothing but his boxers.

Trying not to stare at his abs I say,"What do you want,curly?" He smirked and held up a chain with a glittery dog tag on it.

"Drop something?"he asked and danggled it in front of my face. I snatched it from him and put it around my neck. I've had it ever since I was little,in fact Zayn gave it to me. He snickered and I rolled my eyes at him. I pressed my hand to his face and pushed him away.

"Go back to bed,curly. It's already past hours. Don't bother me till morning."I whispered and closed my door. I climbed back into bed and closed my eyes.

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