One date,One Direction

Hannah is your typical 17 year old Directioner. One day her and her best friend,Audrey also a major Directioner,sign-up for a contest to spend a week with One Direction. 10 lucky girls get to spend a week with 1D. The boys will vote off a girl every weekend. The final winner,and 1 guest,will go on tour with them! The only problem is (not saying who!) someone from the band knows Hannah from when they were kids. He has,and still does,love her. This only brings back memories for Hannah. Does she feel the same way for him? Another someone ends up falling for her. Which direction will she go in?


7. Not a morning person

(A/N ok so I know I've been doind Hannah's P.O.V.  a lot but I need to put in how she feels about Harry. I promise to change it in this chapter. This one is more of a filler. Love all you cupcakes! :D


~~Hannah's P.O.V.~~


I woke up to screaming in my room. One Direction was in my room singing the WAKE UP song. Louis and Zayn jumping on my bed,Niall making a lot of noise with his guitar,Harry and Liam jumping around. I shifted on purpose to make Louis fall off. They were all in nothing but their boxers. I sat up in bed and hit Zayn with my pillow,hard. He went flying to the ground with a thud. They continued to sing or yell loudly.

"Shut up!"I yelled and they silenced. Harry smiled innocently as I got out of bed.

"Sorry."Liam went all Daddy Direction.

I pointed to the open doorway."Out,now!" They all ushered out of my room. Zayn was the last to leave. I gave him a small smile and a hug. He kissed my cheek before leaving. I closed the door and locked it. I walked over to my dresser and picked out what to wear. I decided on a pair of cut off shorts,a floral flowy top,and white TOMS. I shoved my phone into my pocket and unlocked my door. I stepped out and walked down the stairs. I realized my hair was still a mess and I hurried into the bathroom. I had already put my toiletry bag in there,just like every other girl. I brushed my hair and pulled it into a messy bun. I added a white head band with a teal flower on the side. I applied light make up,mascara,lipgloss,and a rosy pink color to my cheeks. I opened the door and skipped into the living room. Audrey was talking to one of the girls on the couch. I sat down next to her. The girl on the other side of her stopped talking and smiled at me.

"Hi,I'm Zoe."she said and shook my hand.

"Hannah."I said and searched for something more interesting to do. They were talking about Taylor Swift. Eww. Pass. I pushed myself off the couch and walked over to the stairs. Just then,Niall burst out of his room and ran down the stairs,into the kitchen. I laughed and walked up the stairs. I walked into my room and grabbed my sheduele book and looked at was planned for the day.

8:30 Breakfast

10:00 Split up into groups

10:35 Harry's group leaves

10:40 Liam's group leaves

10:45 Louis's group leaves

10:50 Niall's group leaves

10:55 Zayn's group leaves

1:15 Picnic lunch at the park


That's as far as I read. It was 8:29 at the moment. I closed the book and set it down on my bed before walking into the kitchen. I grabbed a plate and started getting food. I got a muffin,bacon,orange juice,and scrammbled eggs. I walked into the dinning room where everyone was sitting and eating. Very few were talking though. I shrugged and sat down next to Harry. He could barely keep his eyes open. I giggled and he rested his head on my shoulder. Wow. He seemed way more awake when he was waking me up this morning. But we were up pretty late last night. I let him rest on me and continued to eat my breakfast. I soon finished and Harry was still leaning on me. I started to get up. He pulled me down by the waist.

"'re my pillow."he whinned slightly. I laughed and slipped away from him. He groaned as I took our plates into the kitchen. I walked back to him and he pointed to the seat next to him,with a pout. I laughed and grabbed his hand,pulling him up. I dragged him into the living room and sat down. He sat down next to me and rapped his arms around my waist. His head rested on my shoulder and he closed his eyes. I laughed and rested my head on top of his.

"Jeez,you really aren't a morning person."I said. I could feel him laugh.


~~Harry's P.O.V.~~


Hannah is so stunning. She's so beautiful. Her laugh makes me smile every time. Her smile is amazing. That little twinkle in her eyes. Just the way she looks at me makes my heart skip a beat. I mean I'm in a house with 10 girls and she's the only one I look at differently. In a good,crush kinda way. I seriously like her already. The only thing is,she's Zayn's best friend from their childhood. All us boys know he is like madly in love with her. Grr. But he kinda forgot he's dating Perrie. So,he's taken and she's single. And guess who else is single. This guy! I opened my eyes and looked up at her. She smiled and looked into my eyes.



"Do you have a crush on anyone?"I sat up and removed my arms from her waist. She looked at me weirdly.

"Well,I do. But I'm not gonna tell you."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't have to."

"Ok,everyone in the living room."Nacy called. Everyone came into the living room and sat down.

"We'll be splitting into groups now. Boys,come up here."we all stood at the front of the room."With Harry will be Niki and Hannah. Liam will have Zoe and Brooke. Zayn Carly and Alanna. Niall Shayley and Maria. Last but not least,Louis will take Emma and Audrey. Harry,go get dressed then your group will leave. The rest of you who are not dressed,do as you will."she said and people started moving around. I ran up to my room and changed into tan shorts,a grey Hollister shirt,and black converse. I walked back down to the two girls waiting. We ran out to the limo and got in. Niki sat on the oppisite side of me and Hannah.

"So,Niki.....where are you from?"Hannah tried to make conversation.

"Miami. I don't even want to be here. My stupid friend signed both us up. I won and she didn't. I hate boy bands,One Direction most of all. No offense. I just want to go home. Whatever we'e doing,can't you just count me out?"she said and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Awkward."Hannah said and slumped back in her seat.

"Um,ok. We're just going to a carnival. It's only acess to us and we get free all day passes. Sadly we won't be there all day. But you can do whatever you want,love. Food and games all free."I said and the car stopped. We hopped out and ran to the ticket booth. The guy handed us our passes and we walked through the gates. Niki took off in a different direction. Hannah shrugged and I grabbed her hand. We started walking,Hannah pointed to the thing that spins really fast. I nodded and we ran hand in hand. We walked into the big thing and layed/stood on the seat type thing. I think it's called the Starship 2000 or something. The door closed and it started spinning. Hannah was laughing uncontrolably. The board things that were called our seats started moving up. Hannah screamed as her's hit the top. It slowed down and she had to take a minute to stand up straight. We locked hands and walked off. We looked around for another ride.

"What about a game?"she suggested.

"Oooo,the basket ball one."we both nodded and ran for it. We started shooting hoops. Of course I won. The guy handed me a giant stuffed panda. I smiled and turned to Hannah. I held the panda out to her. She giggled before taking it. We started walking again. I got her some cotton candy and played a few more games.

"Wanna play 20 questions?"she said as we walked around.

"Ok. What's your favorite color?"we sat down on a bench.


"Favorite female singer?"

"Demi Lovato."

"Video games. Yes or no?"

"Big time gamer."

"Favorite animal?"

"Wolf. You're not gonna let me ask any questions,are you?"

"Nope. Ok,best movie ever?"

"Pitch Perfect."

"Who is your favorite One Direction band member?"


"If I told you I like you as more than a friend,what would you say?"

"I'd probably scream. You are giving me really odd questions."

"Would you scream if I told you I wanted to kiss you?"

"Well duh. Of course I would."

"Who do you have a crush on? And tell me the truth. This time you do have to tell me."she looked down at the ground.

"You."she mumbled. I was smiling so wide,it hurt my face. I could see her blushing.

"Can I kiss you?"I whispered in her ear. She slowly faced me. She looked into my eyes and nodded,with a small smile. I cuped her cheek with my hand and leaned in. Our eyes never left each other's. Her lips met mine and my whole body erupted with fireworks. Our lips moved in sync for maybe a minute. She pulled away smiling.

"Wow."was the only word I could sum up. She giggled and Niki came running up to us,panting.

"Guys.......we have to go."she said and doubled over,trying to catch her breath. Hannah's face became blank and we started walking to the limo. I tried holding her hand but she refused. Did I do something wrong? We got in the limo and Hannah sat as far away from me as she could. Why is she avoiding me? I'll have to ask her leter,when we are alone. The car stopped and Niki got out first,bolting into the house. Hannah sat across from me,glaring.

"Babe,what did I do wrong?"I said in a worried voice. I reached out and grabbed both her hands. Her danty little hands trembled in mine.

"It's not's just. It's just the fact that no one has,or ever will,love me. It's just impossible. I'm just different from every other girl in the universe. Every boy looks at me like I'm a complete and total nothing. Besides,I know your reputation with girls...I don't want to get hurt. And mostly not by my major celebrity crush. I just can't."a single tear rolled down her face. I wiped it away with my thumb.

"Don't say that. I look at you as you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. And you are. I can understand if you don't want to date me 'cause that would be way too soon. But at least keep an open mind?"

"Ok. I will."she said in a almost whisper.

"Good."I grabbed her hand and we walked inside.

"Come on. We have to leave for the picnic in 4 minutes!"Nacy ran around the house like a monkey high on sugar.

"Sorry Nacy,but I'm out for this one. I'm not feeling too great."Hannah said and Nacy rolled her eyes.

"Yeah,me either."I said and she sighed.

"Ok,but don't do anything crazy. You will be the only ones in the house. Do not get into ANY trouble. None. I've had enough with you two already."she dismissed us and gathered up everyone,heading out the door.

"C'mon."I said and dragged Hannah up the stairs,up to my room. She closed the door and kicked her TOMS off. I untied my converse and pulled them off my feet. We both plopped down on my bed with a laugh. I turned the telly on and clicked on Spongebob. She giggled and I rapped my arm around her shoulders. Her arms were secured around my waist and her head was on my chest. I began to play with her hair. She giggled and sat up,removing her arms.

"Oh,Skype!"she said loudly and ran out of the room. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. She came back with her iPad in hand. She plopped down and I sat up,both crossing our legs. She opened Skype and waited for someone's face to come up.

"Hey,Hannah! I miss you already. Where are you?"a girl with dark raven hair showed up on the screen.

"Hey Brianna,I'm in the one and only Harry Styles's room."Brianna screamed and covered her mouth. Hannah and I laughed. She stood up and started jumping around. She came back to what I'm asuming was a laptop and waved to the screen. I waved back and she started screaming again.

"WAIT!!!! Is Zayn there?!"no doubt a Zayn girl.

"Sorry,babe. He's out with the rest of the house people right now. Just me and curls. How's Matthew?"Brianna sighed.

"Wellll......he really misses you and Audrey. He's been really quite. Not himself anymore. He doesn't say much about Aud,but you. He won't stop asking if we've heard from you."

"That's odd. And Kayden....."

"Kayden is a wreck. He ditched all his friends. Even his own Birthday party! I have no idea what you did to him."

"Crap! I totally forgot it was his Birthday yesterday. I'll have to call him today. Just tell him I was busy. Make sure Matthew calls me at some point today."

"I will. Love you! Love you soooo much Harry!"she waved at the camera.

I waved back."Nice meeting you,Brianna. I love all Directioners!"she screamed slightly at this.

"I'll make sure you Skype Zayn. Later,babe."Brianna was still screaming while Hannah ended the call. She locked it and got up again. She left the rrom and I followed her into her room.

"Gimme your phone."I demanded and held my hand out. She raised her eyebrows and got it from her pocket. She handed it to me and I entered my number. I smiled and handed it back.

"You can be so weird,curls."she shook her head and walked down the stairs. I chuckled and followed her.

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