kidnapped by onedirection

Yes I have been kidnapped by some dudes but just not by any the one and only one direction...hi this is my first movella vass happenin hope ya like


2. well im kidnapped

Jazmines pov Well im kidnapped by one direction heres something you dont say everyday. "Boys were here get the girl out and in the house" said what Liam. Oh they were gonna be up for a fight if they even try to pick me up. Someone pit their arms aroind me and were anout to pick me up when i kicked ba k i think on theor stomach. "Oww she just hit me in my stomach!" Someone yelled. I kicked as much as i could and i hit a few other but all of a suddedn someone stuck a finger in my neck and i felt very sleepy.... Zayns pov This girl just hit me in the stomach and it freakin hurt like crazy. After she kicked almost everyone Louis got a idea and knocked her out by putting his finger in her neck. Ot was some japanese trick he told me. Niall picked the girl up and we bought her to our flat. "Boys were should i put her" niall asked. "Put her in the extra room and we will deal with her when she wakes up" harry suggested. Niall carried the girl to the room. Ohhh I wonder whats gonna happen whrn she wakes up...... Heyyy guys what ya think????? Vas happenin sorry for a late update been busy but
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