kidnapped by onedirection

Yes I have been kidnapped by some dudes but just not by any the one and only one direction...hi this is my first movella vass happenin hope ya like


4. uhh one direction wang me for fun?

Heyyy guysss loll im in school right now and had nothing netter to do so here you go pikachus my next chappie!!!! Jazmine pov "For fun? For fun!" I repeated over and over again to my kidnappers. They had sent Niall to get Nandos and seated me on the bed to rest. "Uhmm yeah it gets boring around here and uh your prettty" said harry whilr he blushed just admitting I was pretty. "I am no slave or a fukin clown to entertain you fool I cant believe I was acutally a fan of your stupid music!" I screamed at them. "Oww that hurt" louis said holding his heart trying to be funny. "No sweety your not a slave.." liam got cut of "Oh really than you see a random girl on the street and pick her up and run with her and tell her they got her to entertain them!" I said "Well if you put it that way than uhh yea" harry said smiling. Zayn remained silient and kept staringat me like I was a donut. He looked at mr from head to toe and contiuned. "Can I help you?" I said to him. "Ummm uhh no do you want to change?" He said pointing at my shirt thatvgot ripped proabably from these people grabbing me! "Yea zayn go get your clothes for lady" liam daid. Zayn noddedand walked out and came back with a shirt and some shorts. Wait was he giving me his clothes to wear? I took it and they left me to get changed. I got changed and I stood there with a over sized shirt up to my knees with huge shorts I smelled like cologne..... What ya think pikachus...lolll cherry cola anyways I should do something in this class no I will updatensoon thou
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