kidnapped by onedirection

Yes I have been kidnapped by some dudes but just not by any the one and only one direction...hi this is my first movella vass happenin hope ya like


3. the awakenin

Jazmines pov I woke up to a killer headache. I looked around to a very unfamilar room, wait what the hell happrned. It took me a minute to realize I was kidnapped by one direction. I tried to get up and walk out of this room but I couldnt I felt so weak and trip and fell. Harrys pov We were all sitting d own watching tv when we heard a lod sound from the room the girl was in. "owwwwww" someone moaned. "Boys i think shes awake" Niall said. "Lets go and see" i said. "Wait boys lets go armed she.might wanna fight" zayn said getting up and handing us a weapon. He gave me a heavy book just in case i needed to fight the girl off. We all went up and slowly opened the door. "Man wat up with me i can hardly move" said jazminr. Jazmines pov The door opened as i tried again to get up but failing i fell but this time not on the floor but in someones arms. "Gett off of me before i beat the shit out of u " i yelled. Even though i was weak i was not about to show it to these people. My stomach grumbled loidly attracting the boys attention. "When was the last time you ate" said that britsh accent agin. "What you care and why the hell am I here and I didnt eat anything since yesterday and thats probably why I am not beaten the shit out of you guys." I yelled at them for answers on why I was there. "We will get you food " said what soumded like louis. "Why am I here" I yelled again "Beacause we wanted something fun and got you to entertain us" said harry. And heyy guyss lol peoplr are actually reading this sooo yaya but no comments whyy guys I want ur feedback please commrnt I want someone yo say something pleassssreere
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