kidnapped by onedirection

Yes I have been kidnapped by some dudes but just not by any the one and only one direction...hi this is my first movella vass happenin hope ya like


1. just chillin untill

"Would he say he is in the. L O VE well if it was me the I would!" I sang as one direction blasted in my I pod. I was walking home from school like I usually do. BEEP BEEP OH god my phone where are ya I said as I pockets for it. Finallu finding it there was a text from nicole aka best friend Nicole: Vas gucci broooxx Just as I was gonna respind a ome one grabbed my phone "Heyyyy what the fuck man" I yelled at the man "Your coming with us" responded a thick british accent. Just like that I was blind folded and was I being carried on a shoulder I think? Thumpp Owww did someone throw me in a van or something that hurt my butt. Who every these people were so dead I know how to fight no big deal. "I got her lets go now" said a bristih accent "Im hungry can we get some food.please?" Said a irish accent "Ypur always hungry niall now be quiet ur fat" said another omg did he say niall and are they british!!!! OMG am I on a prank show or is one directoon my kidnappers!!! Authors note: hiiiuu sorry for the shortness this is my first movella please tell me what ya think and improvements love ya and I will update soonnn later pikachuss
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