kidnapped by onedirection

Yes I have been kidnapped by some dudes but just not by any the one and only one direction...hi this is my first movella vass happenin hope ya like


5. figuring out

hey guys i really wanna know your opnions do you guys like my movella should i continue writng??Anyways heres the next chapter my pikachus


Jazmins pov

i wasnt sure if i was suppose to go downstairs and sit with the boys or stay locked in this room. i decided to walk to the door and it was open. Wow the door was unlocked. I was kidnapped but i knew for sure these kidnappers were stupid and i could easily escape soon. I kept note to look around the house and make a plan to leave soon. i got out the room and arrived on top of the stairs of a huge house. And i mean uge like a freaking mansion. 


Zayns pov

i had given Jazmine my clothes since she didnt have any of her own. Me and the boys were all sitting on the couch untill Jazmine came down the stairs. i couldn't stop staring at her she looked so cute with my clothes on and the way her hair moved when she came i couldnt stop staring. The boys were copying my actions and looked at her like the last pizza slice. i knew for sure there would be a competettion for who gets her heart but i knew for sure i needed to be the winner in this game...







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