one direction imagines

imagines for any one


2. Niall for Grace

you have been dating Niall Horan for 2 years you guys met at a photoshoot were you were the director and basicly he asked you out and now you are the happiest girl alive you were sitting at home watch the music channel  jumping around singing and dancing in the living room and niall was out food shopping you kept saying that you need to come because of how much he eats so imagine how much he would buy but he made you stay home then you heard a sound coming from you phone it was a text you look at your phone


Niall<3: meet me at nandos A.S.A.P love you xx


me: ok love you to xx


you grab your purse, phone and put your shoes on and hop in the car and drive to nandos it has balloons everywhere you have know idea where he is so you sit down at a table niall then walks inand sits down and then magic by one direction comes on and he jumps up on the table and starts dancing he then leans over and puts you on the table and you start dancing to and then when the song ends you hop off the table and stands on the floor and niall hops down and stands infront of you then the boys come out and sing marry you by train and then you see niall on one knee and says "grace i love you with all my heart i love waking up to your beautiful dirty blonde hair and your deep green eyes that i get lost in everyday Grace you are my one and only my world will you do the honour of being miss horan" you are so starstruck "yes yes yes" he puts the ring on you he picks you up and you smash your lips onto is 


a few months later you get married soon you have 1 child that is just born nothing could make you happier



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