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imagines for any one


4. Louis for Danica (Dani)

You look in the mirror and your nervous you then remember one of the best days of your life

you go into you and louis flat and see a card it says 'go up stairs and put your bikini on and meet me in the pool' you go upstairs and put on your floral bikini and go downstairs and into the backyard you see Louis in the pool in his trunks you hop in to and notice that there are lights hanging up you wonder why they are there soon the boys start coming out and singing 'marry you' by the train then he gets on one knee and says "Dani you are the most beautiful girl in the world with your olive skin and your brown hair dip dyed blonde" you start laughing at this "will you do the honour of marrying me and becoming Miss Tomlinson" you now start laughing harder but say yes you are laughing 1. because he is on one knee head deep 2. because he is proposing and it feels so surreal


now it is your wedding day and you are so nervous you look at yourself with your white strapless dress your dad then enters the room and said " you ready" you nod and the music starts and your bridesmaids starts walking then you do and everyone stands up your dad takes your arms and put them in Louis and whispered to Louis "take care of her"  lou nodded you guys then said your vows exchanged rings and soon the priest said "you may now kiss the bride" louis then smashes his lips onto yours picks you up and carries you down the aisle you guys wave goodbye and you hop into the limo and drive to the airport for your honeymoon you guys go to paris 


later you guys have three kids Tommy, Victoria and Estelle   

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