one direction imagines

imagines for any one


5. Harry for Katelin (Kat)

You and Harry have been dating for two years you are getting ready for a fancy date he is taking you on you put on a red knee length sparkly flowy dress, some silver sparkly heels, a silver sparkly purse for your makeup you did silver sparkly eye shadow , eye liner, mascara, foundation and some lipgloss

you look at your phone and you have a text from harry


Harry<3 : hey babe i am on my way love you <3 xx


the door bell rings and you go to the door you open it and harry was standing there in a suit " wow you look amazing" "thanks" you reply when you look down and start to blush "

Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell
You don't know
Oh Oh
You don't know you're beautiful" 

that makes your face go red like your dress you hop in the car and drive to an italian restraunt you guys have spaghetti and meat  balls after that you go to a park and walk around while the leaves start to fall it was one of the most magical nights of you life




i hope you guys like them so far



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