I Didn't Know He Was Famous (JBFF)

Lanie Gray was a normal 17 year old American girl. She had friends. She went to school and had pretty good grades. She was a little crazy at times and used sarcasm when needed.

She was normal.

Until she met if.only.you.knew online.

Well, he changed everything.


1. "Wanna get on Omegle?"

When the school bell rang signaling the end of the day I couldn't help but to internally sigh. 


"Hey Lanie!" My best friend Annie said, walking up to me.


"Hey Annie." I replied stuffing my three text books in my locker. 


"Wanna hang out tonight?"


"Yeah, your place?" 


She nodded her head of blonde curls and I smiled, closing my locker and hearing the familiar SLAM! 


I followed her to her pink Volkswagen Beetle.


"Guess which CD I just downloaded to my iPod." Annie asked as we slipped into the car. 


"Would it happen to be Justin's new acoustic CD?" I asked, smiling at her.


"How'd you know?" 


"You already fangirled about it today in English." I laughed, turning up the muted radio.


"I'm sorry I just love him so much!" She said hitting her hand excitedly on the steering wheel.


"How many days until the concert I'm being dragged to see?"


It's not that I don't like him. He is talented and very attractive, I just don't see what the big deal is. He's just a kid.




I rolled my eyes, "You Beliebers are crazy."


"No we are not. We are just dedicated."


Before I could sarcastically reply she squealed.


"What the-?!"


I heard the familiar "dolphin noise" as I called it and I immediately knew the song.


"Speak of the devil." 


She leaned forward and turned it all the way up.


At least the bass sounds nice. 


"I'D LIKE TO BE EVERYTHING YOU WANT!" Annie shouted. I decided to play along and sing the next line. 


"Hey girl, lemme talk to ya."


She looked at me, her mouth wide open but she still managed to sing the next part.


The song ended as we pulled into her driveway. She turned the radio down and took her keys out. 


"Wanna get on Omegle?" She asked, suggestively raising her eyebrows.


"Um, I'll pass. Last time I was on there I saw things I don't need to see 'til marriage!"


Annie laughed before she shook her head."No, I mean just the chat. My webcams broke, anyway."


I shrugged my shoulders, "Fine."






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