2. Chapter One

We lived in an electrical world. Humans relied on technology for everything; knowledge, transportation, food. Then came November 19, 2025, a day that will forever live in infamy. For un-known reasons, the power went out. Everything we had created was destroyed, and mankind was devastated. We were sent back to the beginning of evolution with no knowledge, no survival skills, and no electricity. Thousands died, while hundreds more were left with no direction. Slowly, our ancestors climbed out of their shock, and rebuilt our world. Now, more than two thousand years after the power went out, we have once again created a civilized world. Now, top scientists are working to once again bring electricity to our world. The question is, can they? After two thousand years, can we really harness the same power— 

"Are you ready to leave yet, Sil?" Hope asked. Sil looked up from the book he had been reading and shook his head. "Come on, Sil. You've read that book at least a hundred times, it can't be that interesting,"

"What's not interesting about electricity?"

"Well, for starters, the fact that it doesn't exist." Hope was getting tired of this nonsense. Everyday, Sil forced her to come to the library with him, just so he could stare at those same words over and over again. 

"Of course electricity exists! The entire world was powered by it two thousand years ago!" Hope shook her head. This was getting ridiculous. 

"Let's go home, Sil. The twins are probably at the bakery already, so we're definately going to miss out on that," Hope said disappointedly. She had come to love their weekly bakery raid. 

"Fine, just let me finish this chapter..." Sil was reading the book again. Hope sighed and grabbed a fist full of his hair. Then, she walked out of the building, dragging a protesting Sil behind her.


"Where have you  two been?" Angelo asked. "I've been looking for you everywhere!"

"We were at the library, duh." Sil told him. "I thought that would have been the first place you would have looked." 

"Sil, were you reading that book again?  Come on, you know that thing's full of rubbish."

"That's exactly what I told him!" Hope exclaimed. "Are the twins inside?" She gestured towards the bakery across the street.

"No, they finished an hour ago. You should have seen the look on the police chief's face when he realized he'd just been tricked by two teens." Sil grinned and Angelo started to laugh uncontrollably, causing a few pedestrians to stop and stare. Hope punched him in the arm, and when his eyes met hers, she gave him a look that seemed to say, Shut up before people notice and I have to rip your throat out. Needless to say, Angelo quit laughing immediately.

"If the twins aren't inside, then where are they?" 

"They're by some old ruins about three streets over." 

"Why the heck would you send them there?" Hope asked him. Gawd, Angelo could be so annoying some times.

"I dunno, they just said I should get you guys and meet them there."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Sil grabbed Hope's hair and dragged her off, in the exact way she had dragged him only moments before. 

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