No One Can Ever Love Someone As Much As I Love You (Short Zayn Fanfic)

Sara and Zayn have been having a great relationship. A 'fan' told Sara some really rude stuff about Zayn and Sara couldnt take it. She starts a fight with the fan in public. Because of that,Zayn's getting in trouble from his management and a bunch of hate. He decides to kick Sara out of their house. What happens next? Will they ever get back together? Or is it the end of it for good?

(Its my first fanfic I've written, so I hope you like it. :) I did it sorta in a rush. Plus, I'm working on other long ones so yeah, thanks for reading. :) )


2. What Happened?

       My face was covered in tears. Once I got out of the house I decided to call up my good friend Louis. He always knew what to do. "Sara, what's wrong?" Louis asked picking up. "Zayn and I fought and he kicked me out. Can I please come over?" I asked sobbing. "Sure love, I'll come pick you up," Louis said hanging up. I could tell by his voice that he was worried. When Louis's car arrived, I took a seat in the fount while he put my suitcases in the back. Once Louis started driving again he asked, "What happened?"

 "I got in a fight with a fan today and now the management was blaming it on Zayn. I really didn't mean to, but he just won't let me explain. I came up to our room and he was packing up my bags and told me to get out," I explained, and with every words, more tears would escape from my eyes. "Why did the fight start between you and the fan," Louis asked. "A fan was being racist towards Zayn and saying he shouldn't be in One Direction and that he should just be deported back to where he came from," I replied. Louis took a turn into a parking lot and stopped the car. "That's not good. I'm so sorry Sara," he said reaching over to hug me. "You don't need to be. And yeah, I do admit I threw the first punch. But she just got me so mad! I never meant any of this to happen. And if Zayn would just listen to me, he'd know that I didn't mean anything bad to happen," I sighed. 

 Louis reversed the car to go back to the house. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Going back so we can talk to Zayn," he answered. "NO way! He's not going to let me back in!" I cried. Louis ignored me and kept driving. Once we parked into the driveway, Louis turned to me and said, "Okay you stay here. I'm going to go talk to him." He got out the car and rang the doorbell. In seconds Zayn opened the door. I saw Zayn's face filled with tears as well.


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