No One Can Ever Love Someone As Much As I Love You (Short Zayn Fanfic)

Sara and Zayn have been having a great relationship. A 'fan' told Sara some really rude stuff about Zayn and Sara couldnt take it. She starts a fight with the fan in public. Because of that,Zayn's getting in trouble from his management and a bunch of hate. He decides to kick Sara out of their house. What happens next? Will they ever get back together? Or is it the end of it for good?

(Its my first fanfic I've written, so I hope you like it. :) I did it sorta in a rush. Plus, I'm working on other long ones so yeah, thanks for reading. :) )


5. Thanks for reading !:)

Hey you just read this, and this is crazy, but leave your comments, and like it maybe?

Thanks for reading! Tell me what you guys thought? It was my first fanfiction and i hope you guys liked it.

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