No One Can Ever Love Someone As Much As I Love You (Short Zayn Fanfic)

Sara and Zayn have been having a great relationship. A 'fan' told Sara some really rude stuff about Zayn and Sara couldnt take it. She starts a fight with the fan in public. Because of that,Zayn's getting in trouble from his management and a bunch of hate. He decides to kick Sara out of their house. What happens next? Will they ever get back together? Or is it the end of it for good?

(Its my first fanfic I've written, so I hope you like it. :) I did it sorta in a rush. Plus, I'm working on other long ones so yeah, thanks for reading. :) )


3. I'm Done, We're Done

  "Zayn? What's going on?" Louis asked. "Sara and I got in a fight and I believe we're over," Zayn sighed. "Why do you think that?" Louis asked pretending to be innocent. I walked in without making a sound. "I went too far this time. I yelled, threw stuff, kicked her out and said I never wanted to see her again. Truth is, I can't go a day without seeing her," Zayn sobbed. I never seen Zayn like this. "Then why did you say that?" I asked entering the room. "Babe? Thank God you're back," Zayn ran over to me and wrapping me up in his arms. "Don't touch me," I said pulling out of his hug. "Why would you say something like that? You wouldn't even let me explain. Well you know what? You got your wish. You're never going to have to see me again after today," I snapped.

 "What are you saying? It was about to be fixed," Louis whispered to me. "I'm not stupid. No one says something like that for no reason," I glared at Zayn. Louis backed off and walked into the kitchen leaving Zayn and I alone.


  "Babe I'm sorry!" Zayn said. "It's a little too late now!" I yelled. "I went overboard. I'm sorry. I'll let you explain," Zayn begged. I walked towards the door. "Sara you're not leaving until you two get this fixed," Louis said pulling me back and blocking the door. I had no choice but to talk to Zayn. "Okay. I'll explain just so you can regret every word you said to me today. A fan was being racist towards you and said that you should be deported back to where you came from. You think I'm fine with that? I love you so much for a comment like that to pass. But maybe you don't love me back. According to what you have done today, you proved that you dont," I replied sternly. My tears have disappereard. "I'm done, we're done," I added while looking directly in Zayn's beautiful orbs.



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