Red Succubus

Golnar thinks killing and pleasing a human man is revolting. She neglects her job as a succubus creating trouble with Satan. She escapes to the human realm to hide from him only to find men are just as bad.

(Book 1 of a The Succubus Series. Crazy Sins is the prequel)


2. The Decision

I flew through the tunnel I'd come from toward the outside city Gehenna. My wings had one small claw on each. My long black tail with and arrow tip was whipping with annoyance. Why did he do that? And why me? Satan had many lovers and yet it was always me who he ended up calling all the time. I bared my sharp teeth and growled, landing in Gehenna.

It looked a lot like Barathrum except it wasn't as big and had no castle. My house was a two story house with stone walls. I walked in and upstairs. My room was small with a twin sized bed with red sheets. I drew the red curtains closed and flopped onto my bed. I found seducing men revolting. Why couldn't they find their own mate?

I blew a puff of air up at my short bangs. "OH GOLNAR!! IM HOOME!" Kitieta's voice flew up.

"Up here!" I called.

She bounded in. She was tall and had mocha skin with frizzy black hair cut perfectly at her shoulders. She was a demon. Her purple horns curled from above her ears and her tail was long and purple and spiked. She flounced over. "You'll never guess who I saw being carried to Satan today." She sat on my bed near my head.

I sighed. "If you did your job..." She trailed off.

I looked into her fuchsia eyes. "My job is revolting except for killing and causing mischief." I huffed.

Kitieta sighed. "I won't argue cuz I know it's pointless. I'm just sayin if Satan bothers you more than your job than do your job." She stood and walked out.

I rolled onto my stomach. I hated my job, true, but did I hate it more than having Satan love up on me? "Ugh." I groaned.

Why did this have to be so difficult. I pulled my pillow under my head and fell asleep. "Golnie! Golnie girl!" Kitieta shook me awake.

I stretched and stood. "Yes Kiti?" We had nicknames for each other.

"S-Satan is downstairs." She whispered.

I felt my body go rigid. I sighed and slowly made my way down. He stood in front of the door, twitching his wings. He saw me and smiled. "Ah Golnar." He reached his hand out to me.

I tentatively shook his hand. Suddenly he pulled me in and kissed me. He snapped his fingers and saw kitieta run out. He lifted me and broke away, holding me eye to eye. "I never gave you your full punishment." He growled playfully.

"Please sir..." I whimpered.

He pressed me to the wall. "What was that, succubus?" He grinned.

My fire colored eyes widened. "I'll do my job. Please go away." I whispered.

His right handed rested on my hip and his left hand was placed on the wall. "I'll never go away, flower."

My name meant red flower or center of flame. He leaned on me and kissed me. Once again the burning feeling came. I pressed against the wall trying to get away as his hands wrapped around me and held me close. His hand traveled to my butt. "So cute." He grinned evilly at me.

I whimpered. "Satan! An angel!!" A frantic call was heard.

He growled with annoyance and let me go. "I'll see you soon." He said and walked out.

I sat down and breathed quickly. "That's it." I growled.

I would find a way out of both my job and Satans grip. 

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