Red Succubus

Golnar thinks killing and pleasing a human man is revolting. She neglects her job as a succubus creating trouble with Satan. She escapes to the human realm to hide from him only to find men are just as bad.

(Book 1 of a The Succubus Series. Crazy Sins is the prequel)


10. Satan

I sat in the lawn chair beside Kitieta as sprinklers sprayed across Mabel's garden. Tammy had fixed herself up and was sitting across from us. Jason walked out and Mabel followed. They sat by Tammy. "So Jason tells me you have something to show me." Mabel looked at me.

I looked at Kitieta and she nodded. She stood and pulled off her sunglasses and hat. She shrugged off her long shawl and revealed her purple wings. She slowly tugged off her jeans, letting her long spiked tail fall down. Mabel's eyes widened along with Tammy's. Jason nodded slightly. I stood by her. I took my hat and sweater off then pulled my shorts off. I sighed in relief as they uncurled.

At this, Jason stood and started circling around me. He looked me up and down with curiosity. "I've never seen a succubus." He murmured.

Suddenly, he grabbed my tail. I yelped and it pressed itself against my back. I wheeled around and backed up. Kitieta giggled. Jason stared with shock. "Don't touch my tail. You don't touch succubi or inccubi tails without them allowing you to. It's very sensitive." I hissed.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know." Jason said.

"Tails are like gold to these pleasers. But you know how demons are with their tails. They could care less but you still don't want to touch them." Kitieta laughed.

"So, you're a succubus." Mabel said.

"Yes." I nodded.

"May I, touch your wings?" Jason whispered.

"Jason, please!" Tammy snapped.

"I'm sorry." Jason blushed.

"Satan, he's after us. Mostly just me. He just wants Kitieta for information but he won't need her as soon as he has me." I explained.

"Satan, the lord of Hell?" Mabel asked.


"What would he want with you?" Tammy tilted her head.

"I don't do my job. Succubi are supposed to please men the kill them and bring their souls to Hell. I don't please men. Satan, he-"

"He finds it sexy that she doesn't listen." Kitieta cut in.

"Oh, I wouldn't say that. It's more like, alluring." A deep voice murmured.

We stood and turned. Satan grinned down, his wings beating the air.

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