Red Succubus

Golnar thinks killing and pleasing a human man is revolting. She neglects her job as a succubus creating trouble with Satan. She escapes to the human realm to hide from him only to find men are just as bad.

(Book 1 of a The Succubus Series. Crazy Sins is the prequel)


5. Mabel's Garden

I ran down the street, pavement flying beneath my feet. I was going to be late for my job at Mabel's. I was close, I knew because I remembered about a mile before her house was a bridge we had to cross that crossed a deep river with many fish and birds. I had passed it awhile ago and could now see the top of the white mansion looming. I raced up the gravel driveway toward her door. I stopped and panted. I waited till I caught my breath to knock on the door. Mabel opened it, in full gardening gear. Brown shorts, and green tshirt, rain boots, a sun hat, and a white smock. "Why dear, you're all sweaty and...are those the clothes from yesterday?"

She pointed at my clothes. "I, um, fell asleep in them and my alarm didnt work so I didn't have time to change and make it here." I lied.

"Hm." She eyes me skeptically and led me to the kitchen. "Pour yourself some lemonade and I'll get you some clothes."

She disappeared and I poured some lemonade into a fancy glass cup. I took a sip, relishing the sweet, cool flavor. The sliding glass door opened and Jason walked in. I stared as a mocha skinned girl with light brown hair and brown eyes followed him. She looked at me and asked, "Who are you?"

She was dressed in work clothes with muddy gloves. "Red! Geez you look tired." Jason exclaimed.

"I, um, my alarms clock didnt wake me so I had to run all the way here." I lied again.

"Oh geez! I forgot you don't have a car." He slapped his forehead.

"Yeah, no problem though. Um I'm Red by the way." I held my hand out and shook the girls hand.

"My names Tammy." She smiled. "I'm Jason's girlfriend."

"Girlfriend?" I raised my eyebrow at Jason.

He blushed. "Uh yeah I should've told you."

He chuckled nervously. I shrugged as Mabel came down. "Here, put these on." She said and handed my clothes that smelled of lavender.

I was led to the bathroom and changed into a gray tshirt with jeans. Her feet were to small for me to fit so I wore my own. We went outside and set to work. Mabel had me plant begonias and chrysanthemums.

I wiped my swearing brow as I planted maybe my twentieth begonia. The holes had all been dug out ahead of time. Tammy and Mabel laughed and watched as I toiled away. They were talking about garden parties and more flowers. "Geez, you'd think planting something so small wouldn't be so tiring." I muttered.

Jason walked toward me and gave me a lemonade. "Yeah that was my reaction too. But you get used to it."

He sat on his heels. "Sure." I said and took a sip and went back to work.

"You're a busy little bee aren't ya?" He laughed, watching me.

"I like to keep busy and finish things." I huffed.

Kitieta knew this and was constantly trying to use it to make me do my job. She also used it to make me do her jobs. 'I wish she was here. It'd make staying in the human realm so much easier.' I thought.

Kitieta was funny and the closes thing to family. After the begonias were done and I was about to move on, Mabel called me.

"Yes?" I asked, walking to her.

"You've done enough today dear. Why don't you go home and rest?" She smiled.

"I don't like to leave a job unfinished." I pointed at the unplanted flowers.

She laughed, making wrinkles appear at the sides of her odd violet eyes. "No worries. Jason and Tammy will finish them. I have more planned."

I looked at the wide backyard which Jason had said was about thirty acres. The biggest garden lined the stone steps leading to more of the back. So many colors and smells wafted toward me. I never wanted to leave this peaceful garden. 'Like an angel's garden.' I thought.

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