Red Succubus

Golnar thinks killing and pleasing a human man is revolting. She neglects her job as a succubus creating trouble with Satan. She escapes to the human realm to hide from him only to find men are just as bad.

(Book 1 of a The Succubus Series. Crazy Sins is the prequel)


3. Human Realm

I tiptoed through the darkening tunnel. At the end was a small alter which I stood upon. I took a deep breath and my nails grew into sharp claws. I dug one claw into my left wrist and dragged it up to my elbow. I pulled out a bottle of lava made in magic glass. I poured the lava along the scar and murmured, "from the fire of hell to the realm of mortals, ring the bell that signals death and opens the portal."

The rock above me started glowing in a skull symbol. "Death to humans and death to angels. Long live satan! The everlasting ruler of hell!"

With my last cry a hole opened up swirling with blue fire. I spread my wings and leaped up. My moment of freedom was here. Suddenly there was a bellow and someone gripped my ankle. The black tunnel with streaks of fiery blue and red swirled as I pumped my wings harder trying to escape. I looked down at satan. "Where are you going flower?" He grinned and climbed into the portal.

I screamed and struck his nose with my foot. He let go and held his face. I reached into my satchel and drew out a sword. I loved my satchel. I'd set a spell that made it unending. I could stick anything in here and not run out of room. I plunged the sword into his chest. Satan screamed and fell out. I flew through the portal as it closed behind me.

I knew that the sword wouldn't hold him off for long. I breathed heavily and burst through the portal into a city full of shining lights, shouting, and cars. The portal closed and I say on the edge of a building. I panted. Finally the human world. I flew off the building to a store called Sal's Beauty Clothes.

I cast a spell and unlocked the door I slipped in. Id have to find clothing to hide my horns, wings, and tail. I grabbed skinny blue jeans and pulled them on hiding my tail in them. I found a blue ruffled top and cut two slits in it. I pulled it over and pushed my wings through grabbing a leather jacket. I pulled it over my wings and zipped it up.

I found tan leather sandals and put it on. 'Now for my horns.' I thought searching through the hats.

I grabbed a light blue beanie with white spots and pulled it over my horns. I now looked human except my eyes and my teeth were still slightly pointed. I walked out. I was finally free...for now. I knew soon enough there's be demons and subjects of Satan hunting me. And maybe even Satan himself.

I walked down the street watching my scandalled feet walk. Suddenly a body hit me and I fell. "Oof!" I grunted as my back hit the ground.

"I'm so sorry! I should've watched where I was going." A callused hand pulled me up.

A tall man with messy brown hair and line green eyes stood there. "Are you ok, miss?" He asked politely.

"I'm fine." I dusted my pants off.

"My names Jason." He smiled.

"Go-" I paused. "Um just call me Red."

"Red?" He raised an eyebrow. "Usually ya don't find that name with a girl."

"It's a nickname." I said.

"So where are you coming from?" He asked and started walking with me.

I was suspicious of Jason, thinking he just wanted me to love him. 'He doesn't know you're a succubus idiot.' I told myself.

"Around." I replied.

"That's helpful." He chuckled. "I gotta run but it was nice meeting you Red. Maybe we'll see each other soon." He grinned and I watched him walk away. I shook my head. I still believed all men were selfish. But so far Jason was proving me wrong. 

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