Red Succubus

Golnar thinks killing and pleasing a human man is revolting. She neglects her job as a succubus creating trouble with Satan. She escapes to the human realm to hide from him only to find men are just as bad.

(Book 1 of a The Succubus Series. Crazy Sins is the prequel)


7. Confrontation

I stretched my arms and leaned back on the bench. The shade of the tall trees in the park fell across me. I sighed. I had decided to not work at Mabel's again. Not after what I had heard. I fixed my hat and shifted my position. My tail was starting to feel cramped in my pants. A dog ran past me it's leash flying out behind it. A little boy followed. "Rover!! Rover come back!"

I frowned and was about to go chase after the dog when I spotted Tammy jogging down the path my way. My eyes widened and I started walking away from her. I pulled my hat down as far as it could go as she came closer and looked down. 'Please don't see me.' I thought.

She jogged past and I was about to sigh in relief when she turned looking at me. "Red?" She called.

"Shit." I breathed.

She walked back to me. "What're you doing here?" She panted in her purple sports bra and blue short shorts.

Sweat glistened on her body. "I, um..."

I was about to think of something when Jason came up behind me. "Red! Mabel is expecting you."

He looked at me. Knowing he was half angel made me feel hate towards him but at the same time I liked him because he was also half demon. "Yeah, whatever." I growled, both feelings battling each other.

"You, didn't like the job?" Tammy asked. "If you didn't you should've at least told her."

I growled. "I don't need you telling me what to do. And it's not like Mabel likes me anyways, she's probably celebrating."

"What the hell do you mean she doesn't like you?" Jason asked.

"Oh like you don't know dumb ass." I spat at him.

"Hey! Watch it!" Tammy grabbed my arm.

Hissing I yanked my arm back, resisting the urge to throw her into the nearest tree with my supernatural strength. "Red, I have no idea-"

"Maybe the name half-breed will give you a clue!" I snarled at him and started to run through the park.

I felt so slow running without my succubus speed. "RED!" Jason bellowed.

I ran faster. No way was I dealing with a demon, even if he was a half-breed.

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