Red Succubus

Golnar thinks killing and pleasing a human man is revolting. She neglects her job as a succubus creating trouble with Satan. She escapes to the human realm to hide from him only to find men are just as bad.

(Book 1 of a The Succubus Series. Crazy Sins is the prequel)


9. Confession

"Red!" She giggled and hugged me tight.

I hugged her back. "Kitieta, how'd you get here? Why are you here?" I asked as we broke apart.

"Satan. He sent soldiers everyday and threatened to kill me if i didn't tell him the truth, but I was! I had no idea where you went except that you were in the human realm." Kitieta said.

"I'm sorry." I smiled sheepishly.

"So, where are you staying and where'd you get those clothes?" She looked at me.

"I'll explain on the way." I said, starting back the way I'd came.

I explained to her what had happened while I was here as we pushed through the parade again. "A half-breed and a shifter, huh?" Tammy laughed at this.

"Mhm. That's what I thought." I laughed with her.

Someone bumped into me from behind. "Hey watch it!" Kitieta caught me and turned.

My eyes widened then narrowed. Tammy and Jason stood there looking at us with wide eyes. "Red." Tammy growled.

"Bitch." Kitieta said.

Tammy snapped her eyes at Kitieta, who stared back. "We need to talk." Jason hissed under his breath.

"Whatever it is, I can come too." Kitieta hooked my arm in hers.

"Red we need to talk in private." Jason glared at me.

"No." I said curtly.

"Yes." Tammy yanked me toward an alley with Jason following.

"Hey!" Kitieta rushed at her.

Her tall frame hit Tammy's and they went tumbling into the alley. I made no move to stop the two darker skinned women as Kitieta got the upper hand. Jason looked at me. "Let them fight. I think a shifter can handle herself." I smirked.

"How do you know about us?" Jason hissed.

"I came to Mabel's house early and overheard you two talking."

I looked back at the quarreling women as Tammy hit Kitieta straight in the nose, causing it to bleed. Kitieta snarled and grabbed Tammy's forearms. Growling she threw her into a wall a yard away. Jason's eyes widened. "You're..."

"Yes, she's a demon." I finished.

"And you are..?" Jason asked.

"A succubus who hates her job." I said, curtly.

"Oh." Jason said.

"Kitieta!" I snapped.

She stopped and came to me. We looked at the couple before us. Tammy's nose was bleeding and she had several bruises. "Why are you here?" Tammy rasped.

"Satan, he is after us." Kitieta glared.

I picked up her sunglasses that had fallen off. "Red, I didn't know. I could explain to Grandma and-"

"I don't need you to, I have a job and an apartment." I cut him off.

"No, for protection. And I'm going to protect you whether you like it or not." Jason said.

I stared. "ok." I said.

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