Red Succubus

Golnar thinks killing and pleasing a human man is revolting. She neglects her job as a succubus creating trouble with Satan. She escapes to the human realm to hide from him only to find men are just as bad.

(Book 1 of a The Succubus Series. Crazy Sins is the prequel)


16. A Moment of Loss


The angels and shifters dove into the group of hell creatures. I saw the angel, Gabriel, attack Satan and they disappeared into the fray. Kitieta snarled and ran past me. She leaped and grabbed a gargoyle, swinging him around like a doll due to his small size. Three imps cackled and attacked Tammy. She quickly changed into an ifrit, swinging and throwing fire balls. With a snarl Jason threw a ball of light at a demon. Mabel flew up and attacked a demon. I plunged into the fight with them. A skeletal warrior running at me and swinging it's rusty sword. I ducked and swung my foot. It hit it's leg and it fell. I grabbed a rib and punched its skull several times before it came rolling off.

I turned and leaped onto the back of a inccubus. He turned and scratched at me. He scratched my arm and I dug my fangs into his neck. He screamed in agony as I pierced his jugular. Warm blood ran into my mouth and I broke away as he fell limp. I spotted an ice demon shooting ice at Tammy, who was trying to dodge while fighting a basilick. I tackled the demon and smashed her head against my horns. She screamed and blood ran from her forehead. I clawed her sides and neck leaving her to bleed to death. "Help!" I heard.

I turned and saw a large ifrit grab Kitietas arm and throw her into the houses side. She fell and the ifrit raised a fiery fist and punched her. I ran and jumped onto his back clawing and biting. He shook me off. I screamed as he plunged his flaming claws into her stomach. Kitieta let out a shriek of agony as blood gushed from her slit stomach. The ifrit turned and I clawed out his eyes. Roaring he stumbled away. "Kitieta." I breathed kneeling by her.

"Go....Golnar..." She gasped turning her eyes toward me.

Blood dribbled down her chin and her skin became paler. "Kitieta it'll be ok. I'm going to get you through this." I said, tears springing into my eyes.

"Golnar, you are like my little sis. I cherish every moment I spent with you and I wish I could stay with you forever..." She wheezed. "But Golnar...I need to go now..."

Her eyes started glazing over. "No! You can't leave me. Who will I have?" I choked out.

My stomach twisted as she squeezed my hand then lay still. "Kitieta...KITIETA!!" I screamed as tears flowed down my face. 

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