PJ: Quest of Life and Death

A Percy Jackson thing.
Ace is a leader of a group of Demigods, who are suppose to find a special lost treasure and return it back to it's rightful owner. Little do they know, a little quest can turn into a death trap.


2. Secrets

"No way!" Melanie squeaked, looking over at Ace's tablet. Sure enough, there was a shadow of a huge thing with wings and many heads. "The radar dosent lie," Ace gave a little chuckle, still tapping at the tablet.

Melanie looked up and frowned. She didnt see any flying hydra up in the clouds. "That thing does lie."

"This is the wind radar, and it detects that flying hydra. Maybe it's invisible or something, I can't see it on the physical radar..."

"Maybe it's peaceful?" 

At that moment, there was a load roar and fire blaze from above the sky.

"Nope, definately hostile." Ace gulped.

The hydra had shown itself, and it's nine heads. Ace and Melanie ducked as another blast of fire was aimed for the ship, and fortunately the boat was fireproof. "I'll get the heads! You burn the cuts!" Melanie yelled to Ace through the loud roaring of the hydra.

"Off to a terrible start, already encountering danger, just like Chiron said..." Ace muttered to himself, dodging and fiddling around his pockets for a lighter or match. "Screwdriver, gum, bolts, aha!" He took out a small lighter. Flipping it on, a green flame erupted from it. From the Underworld? He didn't care, Ace watched in amazement as Melanie had shifted into large bird, snapping off one of the hydra's heads with her beak.

Deciding to ask her later, he quickly leaped onto the stump of the lost head and smeared the green fire on it, making sure it dosent grow back again. Although, Melanie already sliced off 3 more heads. Hastily, he picked up his pace and burned the cuts.

Melanie broke of another head, but before Ace could reach it, one of the heads purposely slapped him down, making him drop the lighter. Cursing under his breath, he took a dagger from his belt and stabbed the hydra, making it flinch long enough for him to retrieve the lighter.

Then, Ace heard a cry from Melanie. She was blasted with a forceful hit of fire, and she shifted back into human, falling onto deck. Burning the stumps of the heads she cut off, Ace quickly made way to Melanie.

"You okay?" Ace asked, although he wasn't sure if she was. Her long brown hair was stained with a bit of blood from a bite to her arm, and she was gasping for breath. Ace quickly picked up Melanie bridal-style, and ran. The last of the hydra's heads, the largest with the sharpest fangs, had almost gotten them. Ace gently put Melanie on the ground, far from the hydra's reach.

"Be a good hydra! Good flying hydra!" Ace said to the hydra, but it ignored him. It started snapping at him, knowing he was injured from that other hydra that had pinned him down. 

Limping, Ace stuffed a hand down one of his pockets, searching for something feathery. Finally, feeling the soft touch of the feathers, he took it out. It was a headband, with wings on each side. The white wings were now red from the blood on Ace's hand when he carried Melanie, but he ignored it and ripped the wings off the headband, just in time to dodge another attack from the hydra.

Just then, surprisingly, Will and Fatal had came out of nowhere. Will attended to Melanie's wounds, while Fatal harmed at the hydra's last head with a wild look on her face. When Fatal reached Ace, she dropped a bag full of a,browsing squares into his lap before leaping at the head.

Tapping the only two bracelets on her wrist, they transformed into two long black dual blades. She sliced off the head easily, then kicked the neck down for Ace to burn it. Ace got the message, and he stumbled over to light it.

The hydra exploded into millions of specks of white dust. Fatal fished out a black pouch from her pocket and started gathering the dust, grinning to herself as she did. Ace exchanged glances with Will, but they knew better then to mess with a girl's business.

"Ugh, what... What happened?" Melanie squinted at the faces of Will and Ace, "I remember a flying hydra, and-"

"No worries, it's gone." Ace gave a faint smile, and Melanie sighed in relief. She looked over at the arm, which was feeling a bit better when Will had dripped some nectar on it.

"Oh yeah!" Ace suddenly said in the silence. Melanie and Will looked at him, waiting for what he had to say. "You changed into a bird, didnt you?"

Melanie went slightly red, but nodded. "After all, I got the blood of Pylos."

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