PJ: Quest of Life and Death

A Percy Jackson thing.
Ace is a leader of a group of Demigods, who are suppose to find a special lost treasure and return it back to it's rightful owner. Little do they know, a little quest can turn into a death trap.


3. Los Angeles

Fatal skipped up to them with a frown. "Guys, Will here destroyed lunch, and the afternoon pasted." She crossed her arms, and Will shrugged. "Anyways, that was a total waste of food. Good thing dinner's ready," she sighed and walked off to the dining room.

"Sheesh," Melanie mumbled to herself. Ever since Fatal said something about her siblings getting eaten, she decided she didn't like this girl. Will and Ace helped her up, and headed to dinner.

Fatal had set down various of food down at the table, chicken, salad, steak, and a bunch of others. Everyone sat down, mouths watering at the delicious smelling foods. Ace grabbed a fruit salad, Melanie took some chicken, Fatal got a large peice of rare-steak, and Will just grabbed whatever was remaining.

"So, Melanie can transform into animals, Fatal makes good food, and Will tries to get us killed. We're a wonderful team!" Ace joked, stuffing some strawberries in his mouth.

"It wasn't on purpose! I just wanted to go higher... And faster." Will picked at some corn with his fork boredly.

Mlanie rolled her eyes, "Sure yah did. But a flying hydra? On our first day? A bit weird, if you ask me." Ace shrugged, "Although, Chiron did warn us that it was going to be dangerous." Melanie nodded in agreement.

"So, where should we be headed in California?" Will asked, "I got the ship on auto-pilot to California."

"Los Angeles." Ace replied, reciting the prophecy over and over again in his head. Will nodded.

Melanie quickly finished up her chicken and orange juice, then excused herself from the table after tossing her dished in the sink. Everyone at the table exchanged glances in silence, then Will got up and off to the control room. Fatal bit her lip as she saw him leave, she didnt feel like trusting him to the ship.

"Im gonna go, k?" Ace said in the silence, cleaning up his plate. Fatal nodded and nibbled on a taco. She watched him leave, and took out her black pouch.

Opening it, she grinned. There were golden and silver dust glimmering in it, all from monsters that were sent to Tartarus. She loved to collect them, for her own little hobby. Fatal stashed it away in her pocket, then started cleaning up the plates.


Ace leaned over the railing next to Melanie, looking at the bright city lights in the dark night. They both regarded eachother, but said nothing. It was a pretty busy day, so they were both pretty tired. Ace's ankle was sprained, and Melanie's arm had a deep gash in it. 

"You should get some rest. I'll stay awake and guard the ship," Melanie offered, still keeping her eyes glued to the scenery. Ace raised an eyebrow.

"You're more injured than me, I should stay here."

"But you did more work, just get a little rest."

Ace opened his mouth to protest, but decided to just obey her. "Just scream if you need me," he waved goodbye and went down to the corridors.

Melanie looked down at the city longingly, she missed the busy lights of the night in New York.



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