PJ: Quest of Life and Death

A Percy Jackson thing.
Ace is a leader of a group of Demigods, who are suppose to find a special lost treasure and return it back to it's rightful owner. Little do they know, a little quest can turn into a death trap.


4. Disneyland

"What in the world? Where am I?" Melanie eyes fluttered open as she felt the sun's rays on her face. Then, she remembered she wasn't at camp. Just a really dangerous quest.

The ship had landed, now in a foresty area. The sun was slowly rising, not a single cloud in the sky.

Melanie yawned loudly, getting up from leaning on the mast. She went down below the decks, to go check the dining room. The only person there was Will, making a PB&J. He waved to Melanie, and she waved back.

"Where's the others?" she asked, he shrugged. 

Melanie plopped onto a seat, making a sandwich as well. As the two ate, they heard footsteps running towards them. Pausing for a moment, Will and Melanie looked up at the door, where Ace came in and sat down. He quickly made a small sandwich, which apparently didnt satisfy him.

"We gotta get some fast-food when we get there." Ace said after finishing up the sandwich.

"Uh, where exactly?" Melanie asked curiously.

"Disneyland." Ace replied simply, "As it said in the prophecy. Happiest place on Earth- Disneyland, and Los Angeles is the city of angels. I'm pretty sure,"

"Pretty sure huh?" Will muttered, making more sandwiches.

Suddenly, Fatal came lazily in the room with her pajamas on and a cup of coffee in her hands. She muttered "good morning" and got into a seat. "Where are we going?" she yawned, sipping some coffee.

"Disneyland," Ace repeated.

Fatal gave him a disgusted look. "You sure? In Los Angeles?" Ace nodded, and repeated the line in the prophecy. "Bah, whatever." Fatal sighed, "I'll go pack." she quickly left the room, feeling Melanie's eyes on her back as she left.


Everyone met on the deck, each with a backpack.

Except Fatal.

She was looking into a small black handbag, mumbling a checklist to herself. "Flowers, ambrosia, nectar, candy, lots of cookies..." After a moment or two, Fatal looked up after listing the things in her handbag. Everyone was silently staring at her, wondering how in the world she fit so much things into that little handbag.

Fatal cleared her throat, then attached her handbag onto her belt. "Lets get going, shall we?"

"But what about the ship! What if someone- or something, spots it!" Will protested, looking around the ship and its cargo. "We can just put the invisible thing on," Ace suggested, fishing out a tablet and tapping it.

Will sighed in relief, then Melanie spoke up. "But how're we getting to Disneyland?"

"Fatal." Ace said simply, pointing at her. Ace noticed that Melanie had gave him a quizzical look. "She can uh, shadow travel us there." Will and Melanie looked surprised at Fatal, who glumly went over to a dark patch of shadow and started mumbling things. "We should also get to a cafe when we get there, to fill our bellies." Ace added.

"Im freakin' done..." Fatal yawned. She crawled over to the patch of shadow she was muttering at, and fell into it like a deep and dark hole.

Ace looked into the shadow were Fatal dissapeared at, but shrugged. "YOLO!" He yelled, leaping into the shadow and disappearing as well. Will and Melanie exchanged glances, but said nothing and followed Ace in.

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