Love VS Hate -SEQUEL-

do not read unless you read 'One Direction VS Little Mix' thank you :)


2. Detention


school ends quickly,oh well.the girls starting walking to the parking lot but they stopped and turned around to see me still standing in school,"umm,des the exit is over here"simmy said pointed to the parking lot,i closely hugged my books,"Harry is my new english teacher here and he gave me detention.the girls nodded.i walked to class seeing harry grading smiles.i walked in sitting in a random seat."how long do i have to stay here?"i asked.he looked up from his papers straight into my eyes,"10 minutes"he said. was glad,usually its 2 hrs.harry walked over to me and i stood up.he stood 3 in. away from my lips,i was in freeze mode,he looked at my lips and my dark brown eyes,with his green orbs.he smiled coming a bit closer,his lips touching mine,i couldn't take it,i crashed my lips on his.i heard something outside but i didn't budge


Darling,i know your heart seen better times,i know our songs been better rhymes,before today,(noooo),darling,i guess i made the wrong mistakes,i understand if you need your space,please take your time,(before)before you go away,(so far away) you need to realize,baby its not just you,you know it hurts me too,watching you leave,with tears on your sleeve,don't you notice that mine aren't exactly dry,baby it's not just you,thats's me too.i'm sorry,i wasn't there to catch the fall,i didn't hear when you called,all of those nights,(all of those nights),please don't forget the good times with me,i can make back the heart-aches and grief,when it gets dark and its hard to see,i'll turn on the lights,(before) before you go away,(so far away),i really need you to know,baby it's not just you,you know it hurts me too,watchng you leave,with tears on your sleeve,(don't you) notice that mine aren't exactly dry,baby its not just you thats hurting,it's me too,i'm not giving up,you dont have to leave,i am willing 'till i break my knees,i believe in us,don't give up on me!girl i know that your hurting,and i'm sorry for the pain,i promise that i'll change,forgive me,forgve me!,baby it's not just you,you know it hurts me too,watching you leave,with tears on your sleeve,(dont you) notice that mine aren't exactly dry,baby it's not just you,you know it hurts me too,we had it all,how could we fall,baby i thought we would never die,baby it's not just you,thats's me too,,baby its,baby its,baby its,baby its


that voice sounded very familiar....i pulled away from harry seeing cody out the window."i'm sorry harry but i can't be with you"i said.i ran out the door reaching where cody was at "cody!"i yelled.i reached him."cody,i can explain"i said grabbing his arm."you don't have to Des"he said with hurt in his eyes.he walked away "cody,i'm sorry!i wanna be with you!"i said running after him.he turned around making my lips crash to his,i was a passionate kiss,i put my arms around his neck and he put his arms aorund my waist.we pulled away and walked to his car holding hands.


later that night i got a text from cody


From:Cody Simpson<3

Goodnight babe-cody ILY


i smiled so i replied back


To:Cody Simpson<3


Goodnight-Destiny ILY more :)


i smiled put fell asleep.



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