The Demigods

Matt finds out that he is a demigod. This puts him in serious danger. He has lived with his mother Anne for his whole life. Matt has never been allowed outside of the safety of his house for a long time, except for school, but when he finds out the truth, his whole life is put in danger...


9. Chapter 9- The Zeus cabin

*Matt's P.O.V.*                                                                                                 Rachel led me into a building that looked like a white marble box, with heavy white columns in the front. It had polished bronze doors with lightning bolts carved into it. In the inside, the ceiling was painted like a stormy sky, with lightning bolts. The beds were all far apart, as if people were paranoid that kids would electrocute each other in their sleep. Rachel sat down on her bunk, which had dark blue bedding. "Pretty cool, huh?" "Yeah, I guess." There was a moment of silence, and then Rachel said: "Wanna see what Felix is doing?" I nodded and then we went outside. Felix was standing in a strawberry field, and his hooves were tangled in the leaves. "A little help, please?" Rachel and I just started laughing, and Felix said: "Guys, I think I played the wrong song on my pipes, because the stawberry plants won't leave my feet alone." Rachel helped him untangle his feet, and an announcement came over the speakers. "ATTENTION ALL CAMPERS! IT IS DINNER TIME NOW! PLEASE REPORT TO THE DINING HALL!" Felix immediatley started tripping over his own feet in the direction of the dining hall, while screaming "FOOD!"

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