The Demigods

Matt finds out that he is a demigod. This puts him in serious danger. He has lived with his mother Anne for his whole life. Matt has never been allowed outside of the safety of his house for a long time, except for school, but when he finds out the truth, his whole life is put in danger...


14. Chapter 14- We land in New York

*Matt's P.O.V.*                                                                                             There was a series of weird growling and whistling noises as we traveled, and the fact that it was pitch black made it even scarier. We landed on the sidewalk, and oddly, the people passing by didn't even look at us. I knew what Jasper meant about this being unpredictable, because we were all sprawled out in random areas on the sidewalk. "Wait... Where's Felix?" I asked. "UP HERE!" I saw Felix, who was hanging by his shirt on a tree. I helped him down, and Rachel started glaring at Jasper. "THIS IS NEW YORK! THE HYDRA TERRITORY'S IN WASHINGTON!" Jasper shrugged, but he looked even more tired than he did when we first left. "Should I try again?" He said. "No, you can't risk that. You'll end up blown to bits or something." Said Felix. We walked around, and we eventually ended up in a fast food resturaunt. Because of my Dyslexia, I couldn't read the name. "What does that say?" I said. Felix read it for us. It said Terrie's Sweet Delights.

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