The Demigods

Matt finds out that he is a demigod. This puts him in serious danger. He has lived with his mother Anne for his whole life. Matt has never been allowed outside of the safety of his house for a long time, except for school, but when he finds out the truth, his whole life is put in danger...


13. Chapter 13- We leave camp

*Matt's P.O.V.*                                                                                                         Felix, Rachel, Jasper, and I gathered outside. we all had backpacks and Felix was wearing a green beanie over his horns, and he was wearing red sneakers to cover his hooves. Rachel's face was tear-stained, Felix was pale, and Jasper looked like he hadn't slept for a solid 36 hours. We looked like a mess, but hey, what can you do? We walked down the hill, where Peter was waiting for us. He clopped over to me, and he handed me a Bronze dagger. He gave Rachel a Bronze dagger, only it was smaller than mine. Felix got some reed pipes, and Jasper got a black sword. We got a sack of 50 gold Drachmas, and Peter wished us good luck. We went into the woods, and Jasper said "I can shadow travel you guys to The Hydra Territory... But traveling like that is very unpredictable where you will land." We all nodded in agreement, and Jasper chanted something, and we all faded into darkness. 

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