The Demigods

Matt finds out that he is a demigod. This puts him in serious danger. He has lived with his mother Anne for his whole life. Matt has never been allowed outside of the safety of his house for a long time, except for school, but when he finds out the truth, his whole life is put in danger...


10. Chapter 10- Dinner

*Matt's P.O.V.*                                                                                                  The campers filed into the dining hall, with the smell of enchiladas filling the air. We sat at a table in the corner of the room, with me squished in-between Felix and Rachel. Felix's stomach was growling, and he started to chew on his fork. Peter walked up to the table and said "No eating the silverware, Felix." Felix put down his fork, two of the tines already gone, and he blushed. A Dryad brought us 2 big trays of enchiladas. Felix immediatly grabbed one, before she set it down on the table. Felix mumbled "Sorry." and then turned his back toward us, eating the enchilada. Rachel and I both burst out laughing, and Felix was as red as strawberries now. Peter clopped up to the stage, and he said: "MATTHEW GREENE, PLEASE COME UP TO THE STAGE." I rose out of the seat, everyone in the room's eyes on me, and Andrea glaring at me from the other side of the room. I walked up onto the stage, and Peter said "We have an important task for you." The room was silent, except for some quiet chewing noises from Felix. "Rachel, come up onto the stage too. You too, Jasper." They came up to the stage. I examined Jasper. He was a skinny, pale kid wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt with a picture of a silver skull on it. "You kids are very important. You are the only kids of your godly parents, and your parents are the three most powerful gods in Mount Olympus. These gods are Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades." "We have gathered you here tonight for a very important quest." "After 200 years, the boundaries of the camp have started to wear away, causing monsters to start entering the boundaries." "We want you guys to restore it." "There is a Emerald Orb that has the strength to restore power to anything or anyone. If in the wrong hands, the whole world could collapse." "You must find the Emerald Orb. It is located in the Hydra Territory." "You will be leaving on your quest tomorrow, and Felix will be your guide." Rachel, Jasper and I quietly walked off the stage and continued eating. I couldn't eat after that, and suprisingly, neither could Felix.

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