describing One Direction people

Describing all the one direction people!

What else should I make......give me ideas in any comments on any book!I will do shoutout in the story or something you tell me too write!Also it has too be about ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LU my fans!


1. Louis describing story

I know nobody is perfect.But Louis is the most perfect person ever!He never would let any fan down.He loves them all.He makes me cry and the cute jokes and dimples he has is the best.Also the great high voice he sings is adorable.I think about him everyday and I would literally sing his parts of his songs in class!The teacher would tell me to quit but I whisper it and she comes up too me and laughs and puts the microphone too my mouth and everybody can here me!Everybody says i'm a great singer but some people would say mean stuff too imbarrace me but thats like two people.He is the best and the toms and stripes and the hair and everything is perfect!

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