Simon's Daughter *Finished*

Cecelia Cowell was Simon Cowell's daughter. You might think she is so lucky. But is it really what it seems? Everyone expects greatness from her. She can't do anything wrong. Plus there are so many rules. Like she can't date any of her dad's client's. Not even if their in love. She even has a GPS on her phone in her earrings and in her necklace. She even gets grounded unless she gets A's in school. What will happen when Cecelia tempers with the rules? Will her dad still love her? Read to find out :)


17. Will you be mine?

                                                                                               Cecelia's P.O.V

     I pulled up into Niall's driveway with a smile on my face. I slowly approached the door. I knocked on it twice and the door was swung open by a smiling Niall.

     "Hi Niall!" I said full of cheer.

     "Hey Cece come sit down there is something i want to ask you"

     I freaked out inside. He must have heard the interview and now he is going to ask me to never talk to him again i am so stupid. I mentally slapped myself.

                                                                                                 Niall's P.O.V

   Once she sat down I got down on one knee pulled out the necklace and asked

 "Will you Cecelia Jane Cowell make me the luckiest man alive and be mine?"

 "but i cannot date!"

  "I asked your dad first and he said you can date me"


   I pulled her in for a kiss than put her necklace around her neck. My necklace was already on. After that we took a picture and posted it on twitter to make it official. Than we were having a snogging session when the boys rudely interrupted.


"Guys we are a couple and Simon knows."

"okay well than do not funny mind us."

 harry started laughing thinking he was but no one else laughed.



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