Simon's Daughter *Finished*

Cecelia Cowell was Simon Cowell's daughter. You might think she is so lucky. But is it really what it seems? Everyone expects greatness from her. She can't do anything wrong. Plus there are so many rules. Like she can't date any of her dad's client's. Not even if their in love. She even has a GPS on her phone in her earrings and in her necklace. She even gets grounded unless she gets A's in school. What will happen when Cecelia tempers with the rules? Will her dad still love her? Read to find out :)


20. The Test

                                                                                         Demi's POV

       When i heard that Cece had the flu i knew that she probably was pregnant. So I grabbed my bag threw on my coat and left. I don't think Cece knew though. I stopped at a gas station on the way there and grabbed a test. It is better to be safe than sorry.

                                                                                    Cecelia's POV

       I ate my soup quietly. When i finished my soup Niall came in the room.

      "Hey Demi will be here in a few"

      "Okay sure you getting in the shower?"


      "Can I shower with you?"

      "Of course you can"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AFTER THE SHOWER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Demi showed  shortly after our shower. She pulled me in Niall's and as of now my room for question. 

"did you guys do it last night?"


"Have you been throwing up?"


"than you could be pregnant!"

I freaked out at the thought of me being pregnant. She handed me a test. I took it headed to the bathroom and took the test. The answer showed up on the screen. I walked out to where Demi was sitting.


"I um I am um I am pregnant"


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