Simon's Daughter *Finished*

Cecelia Cowell was Simon Cowell's daughter. You might think she is so lucky. But is it really what it seems? Everyone expects greatness from her. She can't do anything wrong. Plus there are so many rules. Like she can't date any of her dad's client's. Not even if their in love. She even has a GPS on her phone in her earrings and in her necklace. She even gets grounded unless she gets A's in school. What will happen when Cecelia tempers with the rules? Will her dad still love her? Read to find out :)


14. Permission

                                                                                                    Niall's P.O.V

   Cece left for her interview about an hour ago. Today I was gonna ask Simon. I jumped in my black Lamborghini. As i reached the drive way my hands got sweaty. I parked my car and approached the door. I knocked twice and Simon answered the door.

"Hey Niall"

"Hi Simon"

"Could i talk to you for a minute?"

"yes come on in and make yourself comfortable"

i entered and sat on the couch followed by Simon sitting on the couch across from me.

"I really like Cece like love her and I know you told her no dating anybody especially clients but i really like her and i promise i will take care of her and if i don't you can kill be because if she is hurt i do not wanna live"

Simon sat there shocked. Then he finally spoke.

"yes i give you permission to date her but if you hurt her i will gladly kill you"

then he smiled. I smiled to. I left after that. On my way home I grabbed a necklace and it said Cecelia +  

Niall and it was shaped in a heart broke in to halves. One for me and one for her. I came home to relax and stared at the clock waiting for Cece to finish her interview.

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