Simon's Daughter *Finished*

Cecelia Cowell was Simon Cowell's daughter. You might think she is so lucky. But is it really what it seems? Everyone expects greatness from her. She can't do anything wrong. Plus there are so many rules. Like she can't date any of her dad's client's. Not even if their in love. She even has a GPS on her phone in her earrings and in her necklace. She even gets grounded unless she gets A's in school. What will happen when Cecelia tempers with the rules? Will her dad still love her? Read to find out :)


2. My dad's rules

My Dad's Rules

1.No dating clients going to parties dating

4.must meet all your friends before you are able to hang out with them

5.must have a GPS on at all times

6.must know where you are at all times

7.No going out in public without a body guard bothering me when i am working

9. No being mean to clients

10.No breaking any rules

These are the rules i live by. I don't get out much.          

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