Simon's Daughter *Finished*

Cecelia Cowell was Simon Cowell's daughter. You might think she is so lucky. But is it really what it seems? Everyone expects greatness from her. She can't do anything wrong. Plus there are so many rules. Like she can't date any of her dad's client's. Not even if their in love. She even has a GPS on her phone in her earrings and in her necklace. She even gets grounded unless she gets A's in school. What will happen when Cecelia tempers with the rules? Will her dad still love her? Read to find out :)


7. Confession

                                                                                          Cecelia's POV

"Guys i have something to confess I like Niall"

 Everyone gasped and fainted except for Liam and I. But after I realized what I said i fainted along with them. I was surrounded by pure darkness when i heard a voice.

"honey wake up" It was my dad. How did he get here? I opened my eyes to see all the boys faces and my dads. 

"How did you get here?" i asked wondering how he got here.

"liam called saying you and the boys fainted from laughter" I totally owed Liam for not telling my dad. I would have been dead and so would Niall

"well thanks for stopping by dad i will see you tomorrow!"

"Bye Cece"

As soon as Dad left the boys mauled me. so i tried to answer all their questions at once.

"I like Niall and i have liked him since he was on the x factor" that about summed it up. Niall came over and hugged me. After that we ate dinner and went to bed.

Niall wrapped his arm around me and i snuggled into his chest.

He song softly in my ear. He sung me the song little things.

I was soon over taken by the dark.



Hey guys sorry this is short but i will be updating three times today!








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