Summer loves

Katelyn Ash , Alexandra Martin, and Jennifer Thomas all suffered through the lose of Jenn's parents in a terrible shooting when she was 16. And to make matters worst her own brother leaves her completely alone. she's now 19. working a part time job to raise money to see there favorite bands concert (One Direction). What happens when a mix up happens with their plans? Read and find out.


9. Who was that guy?

Alex's POV:

I woke up, in a dark room. There was nothing but a tombstone. I'm in a cemetery? I walked up to the tombstone. I was trying to read what it said on the tombstone, But it was too dark. See I'm reading in the dark wait to go helping my vision, Alex. I saw a group of people walking by the tombstone, Crying, Wearing only but black. Who died? I saw some one standing in the middle saying a speech. Then I saw him, I saw Niall.  I saw Niall. and one direction, my friends , and my parents. My parents? I walked back to the tombstone it said;

RIP Alex Martin 

Loving Daughter, Friend, and girlfriend


When did I die? WHAT????? And girlfriend? who was I dating? Think Alex, think. Wait. Wasn't I on a plane? I was with Jenn and Kate. And I remember I walked in the bathroom, And right when I was going to walk out the pilot hit something, and I fell. I fell! This isn't real. It's a dream. I tried my best to wake up, But I couldn't. I sat on the ground and cried. Cried long and hard. I haven't cried like this in a long time since Derick. 

Harry's POV:

I was having a blast with Jenn, Making twit cams, Talking, Laughing. Best plane ride ever. Niall seemed to be hitting it off with that Alex girl. and Zayn with Kate. Right now I'm in a car with Jenn by me, and Kate and Zayn in the back. We're all driving to the hospital to see if Alex is okay. 

"We've arrived to the Mullingar emergency center." I said to them. Jenn and Kate were just waiting for me to stop and let them run to Alex's room.  I started to slow down. And Alex and Jenn both jumped out of the car, and ran off. I heard Jenn yell:

"Sorry!, Meet us in Alex's room!"

"Okay!' I yelled back. 

I saw Jenn look at the sign the sign that said Closed. Jenn and Kate both flipped. They backed up a bit held hand and ran through the door. They both smiled and waved. 

"I love to see when a friend cares for another, it's just so beautiful" Zayn said in the back. 

"Yeah. What if they were our's and we could see them fight to see us? " I said to Zayn, He looked down and said:

"I don't know Kate doesn't seem like the dating type." He frowned.

"Yeah, same with Jenn,"I said while parking the car. 

We both walked out of the car and walked up too the hospital. And as soon as we walked in a so many nurses and doctors ran by us asking for autographs, and picture's. I turned to my right and saw Jenn and Kate getting arrested. Zayn was going crazy.  Jenn kept yelling because the cop kept hitting her, and telling her to shut up. I broke through the crowd. I ran to the the cop while yelling: "Your hurting her!" 

"She reverse's it, Just like her father!'' He yelled back.

"officer hart?" She said, I stood there confused. 

"Yes?" He said while smiling at her, 

"IT WAS YOU!" She yelled. He pulled out a gun and pointed it to her head. She Flipped him by the leg causing him to fall flat on his face She and Kate both ran to Alex's room. 

Who was that guy?


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