Summer loves

Katelyn Ash , Alexandra Martin, and Jennifer Thomas all suffered through the lose of Jenn's parents in a terrible shooting when she was 16. And to make matters worst her own brother leaves her completely alone. she's now 19. working a part time job to raise money to see there favorite bands concert (One Direction). What happens when a mix up happens with their plans? Read and find out.


7. What in the world?

Alex's POV:

I slowly opened my eye's. Not expecting amything new or exciting. And I saw Jenn talking to Harry, And Kate with Zayn. Wait a minute Kate and Zayn did she forget about Jacob? Of course not. I saw Niall sitting next to Zayn I didn't say anything until Niall looked at me and said: 

"Morning love, did you sleep well?" What in the world is going on? How long was I asleep? My throat was completely dry.I couldn't say a word. Even if it wasn't dry I still wouldn't be able to speak it's as if I forgot the engish language, But I took a deeo breath and said:

"Yes, I did."

"That's good. So if you don't mind me asking why are you 3 going to Ireland?"He asked me

"Oh I'm going to your show in Mullingar."I resonded. 

"Really? which row?"

"20th, why?"

"Do you want to sit in front row? with backstage passes?" He winked. I swear when he said that my heart stopped pumping blood and producing oxygen for like 30sec and returned to normal.

"What about the people that sat there?" I asked

"They'll take your spot"He said while turning to face me.

"Really? it would mean the world to talk to you again." I said while daydreaming.

"Then it's settled." He said with a huge smile on his face.

He whispered something to Zayn, then Zayn whispered to Harry. Next thing I new I'm sitting with Niall. Kate with Zayn, and Jenn with Harry. Me and Niall had a long and deep conversation on food, and singers. I had to go to the bathroom.

"Niall I have to go to the bathroom okay?"

"Sure love."

I walked up and went to the bathroom. Checked my make up. Took my meds. I walked back I felt the plane curve a bit. Nothing to intense then the pilot curved to fast I fell hit my head in the bathroom wall, after that everything went black. I am past out in the bathroom and its locked. Great 

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